About The Group D Teams In World Cup 2014

Anonymous Twitter account, which is associated with Julian Assange by the day before the Argentine group and hit the team that will be transferred from the fourth to the second hat. This is a new account @ FraudeMundial14, the name itself tells him that suggests fraud, they were on Thursday charged that the FIFA draws a farce, even world football organization trying to force a winner that suits its economic interests. They did not want to reveal who it is, or the composition of the group WM 2014 Spielplan, but gave the group that is Argentina, and that is exactly the same one that was taken out of the draw, Iran, Bosnia and Nigeria. On the other hand, it was predicted that Italy goes from fourth to second hat of WM 2014.Now, it is possible to have thrown out the tweets at the beginning when they were not followed, namely that offer all the possibilities, then delete the other tweets and finally offered this as proof. More, however, was not reported anyone who has seen even a chance that other tweets, and this story will only increase suspicion.

We still want to believe that the draw furnished and doubt leave taxi drivers and their conspiracy theories, which we all loved, but on the other hand, it is irrelevant as FIFA and UEFA with their behavior, by promoting certain players and teams have given rise to all “theorists” to doubt everything. The greatest condemnation is what allows the entire planet to think that the draw furnished and many would not be surprised if this story is true.

Group D Is The ” Group Of Death ”

Because of the specific draw, we knew that one group will be extremely strong. In group D in WM 2014 nobody happy outcome. Uruguay was the bearer, but he was at least fortunate of all who are in the draw where the first hat. The group came to England, Italy and Costa Rica. Costa Rica of course would have no great ambitions in either group, they are very pleased with the placement of the World Cup.However, the highest quality representation in Central America may be that they are not familiar rivals, and have in their ranks a few interesting players, such as loaned Arsenal players, Joel Campbell. England headache after this draw, never with greater anxiety went to draw, and to come true. Before Hodgson is a big job to prepare your team and instill self-confidence in front of their competition in this tough group.We have already pointed out that Uruguay as the holder certainly the worst has passed, but they play on their continent and have high expectations for this tournament, and certainly not despair.

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