Details About The World Cup 2014 Match Stadium

TIVOLI ECORESORT in Praia do Forte in Bahia state camp Croatian national football team in World Cup 2014 in Brazil. Menu Niko Kovac is satisfied by choosing, in line for this location stood prominent representations such as Germany, England, Greece and France, reported from Sao Paulo to Media Service spokesman HNS Tomislav Pacak. “This is a superb camp. The thing we were told the hosts and people from FIFA that is one of the top three, if not the best camp that is offered in Brazil. Besides being an excellent accommodation meets the wishes of the menu is Regarding the location.” Menu had two requirements when choosing a camp. “The first is geographic, which means that it is not too far from the cities where we play.Everything in Brazil is far away, and the Salvador, where our camp is in the middle of a triangle of cities in which we play. Even if you pass away, this location is ideal. Another factor which Kovac insisted air. Menu demanded that our database is warm enough to prepare the various representations similar to the one in Recife and Manaus, and they are not too big temperature differences, but not too hot to players not consumed at high temperatures.”

Delegation of HNS was in all three cities in which representations play. The first destination is Recife where the last match in the group meets with Mexico. “There is a stadium finished and it’s a great building, and there will be no problems with the accommodation. Manaus is a completely different situation.

They visited and Sao Paulo, where it all begins and where Croatia with host Brazil 12 June of the following year opened World cup 2014 schedule. “In Sao Paulo we have today in the inspection and there will not be a problem. The stadium is still under construction, particularly for those accidents (crashed crane lifts the stadium), the training center is OK and does not expect any problems.”After thousands of kilometers flown by Brazil impressions are very different and all who come will have the opportunity to see a very different landscape, design and the people who live in different-different conditions. “Brazil is a country of great extremes, and in every sense. Community, social, economic, infrastructural, and organizational terms is still not coping well, but I believe that it will do little to sort the World Cup. Saw many poor regions, favela, unordered road and construction of infrastructure.’is a big country that offers a lot of variety for everyone, “concluded the end Pacak.

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