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Dhow Cruise Dubai is full of liveliness and is worth the experience. One can enjoy multiple cuisines from all over the world, great live entertainment, and sightseeing and relax amidst the serene waters of the Dubai creek. Dubai is one emirate which has so much to do and so much to see! Right from the deserts to the beaches, from the swanky malls to the local souks and from the adventurous dune bashing to the quiet dhow cruising, this place has is so lively! Dubai has something for everyone and it is sure to make your trip a lifetime experience. Dhow Cruise Dubai are simply marvellous. They are simply a different world in itself. The grand exteriors and the royal interiors are sure to give you a totally amazing experience. The cruises are well equipped with modern amenities. There are a lot of activities that you can enjoy on these cruises.


A variety of food: You can enjoy the local Arabian delicacies while you are aboard on the Dhow Cruise Dubai. A lot of traditional specialities are served. However, it is not only the Arab food that you can savour. There are a lot of other cuisines from all over the world that you can choose from. Many tour companies give you the option of choosing a lunch or a dinner cruise so that you can experience one of the best meals in your lifetime.  Sightseeing While your cruise moves across the 1.8 mile beautiful Dubai creek, you can treat your eyes to the splendid Dubai skyline. Watching the city through the waters is an experience which will stay with you forever.

The quiet waters and the beautiful scenery come alive in the evening especially with all the lights around the Dubai creek. You can see the wonders of New Dubai like the Jumeirah beaches, Burj Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Heritage Village and so on and so forth, which are dotted along the creek.  High on


Entertainment: Entertainment and other activities on Dhow Cruise Dubai are simply amazing. There are belly dance shows and live singing performances which generally take place after the meals are done. There are professionals to entertain you, who also take up special requests. Other activities like henna painting also happen on the cruise and women can treat themselves to beautifying their hands.  Relaxation:Ø After a hectic day of shopping and roaming around the streets and malls of Dubai, instead of going to your hotel room, hop aboard the dhow cruise and the calmness and peaceful atmosphere envelope you. Relax on the wooden deck of the cruise after a sumptuous meal and drift away in your own sweet world for some time. Dhow Cruise Dubai should definitely be on your “to-do” list when you are visiting Dubai. Cherish this experience and have memories for a lifetime! For more information about dhow cruises and other tours.

See The Dubai You Never Imagined In A Dhow Cruise Dubai has been known to attract millions of shopaholics, people who come for fun and adventure, and who want to indulge and pamper them selves! UAE’s sightseeing tours cover Dhow Cruise Dubai. Thus, they take your trip on both land and sea! The city of Dubai has been the holiday destination for a little over a decade now. Dubai hassince then known to attract millions of shopaholics, but wait a minute, the list doesn’t stop herealone. There are scores of people who come here for fun and adventure, and there are also those who want to indulge and pamper themselves in luxury at opulent hotels.

Some people gofor sightseeing, shopping, safaris and even sports. In the midst of all this, have you ever thought of Dubai as a dreamland for you and your loved ones? Dubai does not seem like one, does it?Well, read on and you will be completely mesmerized with what it has to offer!UAE’s sightseeing tours cover both land and sea. Yes, you read it right!

Dubai has its owncruise dinner for you and your loved ones. If relaxation and peace is what you want then why wait? It is the best choice for you to run away from the city’s noise, and hectic lifestyle. It will involve less foot work and will leave you completely calm and composed. Just picture this, thewaves calling out to you, and light Arabic melodies playing in the background. It will calm you down; bring harmony and serenity to your mind, body and soul. You can simply sit back andwatch the waves over the sea, and enjoy a view of Dubai like never before. All this while, theattendants do the needful. They will serve you some of the best local traditional cuisine along with an assortment of international cuisines. Awesome isn’t it?All you need to do is to call up the local Dhow Cruise Dubai and get the space reserved, andyou will be cruising away to a fun-filled evening. This cruise not only gives you a chance toenjoy a lavish meal, but it also offers a great view of the Dubai Marina. You will have the chance to see the lit up souks, palaces, along with the heritage village. You will also come across a hostof international five star hotels such as the Sheraton, the Hilton Dubai, Ritz Carlton, and theRoyal Meridian Blue. All of these will leave you awestruck with the kind of architecture they haveto offer. It is simply the indisputable grandeur of Dubai. Experience the simplicity of a dhowcruise in Dubai at the Dubai Creek and you will forget all your anxieties and worries. For more information visit: Dhow Cruise Dubai, Dubai Online Shopping, Dubai Desert Safari, Online Shopping in Dubai, Dubai Shopping Festival

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