The Vending Machine as a Reflection of American Society

One of the fastest growing and most rapidly evolving sectors of the food service industry, and one that most reflects changing American society, is probably seen in vending companies. Vending companies place and service food vending machines in a wide variety of locations that include schools, workplaces, supermarkets and hospitals, to name only a few. Customers enjoy the benefit of being able to walk up to the machine, choose their food or beverage and take it on the go.

Employees can use vending machines for purchasing their lunches, a definite boon in an age of increasing productivity demands and shorter lunch breaks. Let’s face facts, our society moves at a break-neck pace, and our need for food needs to be able to keep up with that pace.

Vending companies in Los Angeles face this demand even stronger than in other markets. The notorious traffic snarls in and around Los Angeles make it difficult at times for the famous food trucks to reach workers, so vending machines companies in Los Angeles profit from being able to service and stock the machines at night, when traffic is lessened and there isn’t as much demand to reach a particular location by the lunch hour.

With the increasing use of vending machines for meals, a real need has been seen to make innovations in the field of vending machines. When we first started using
vending machines in the US, you had to have exact change for whatever you wanted to buy. As the technology met up with the demand, we saw machines that could make change from coins, then machines that could accept dollar bills and make change.

Recent innovations have allowed customers to use their credit or debit cards in vending machines, a welcome advance among college students who prefer or cannot carry cash. These machines allow customers to swipe Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards to pay for their beverages or food items. At some locations, particularly university campuses, vending machines can be set up to accept the cashless food plans that are tied into many students’ university identification cards.

The last area of rapid innovation in vending machines has been in the types of foods sold in the machines. When vending machines first came on the scene, they were used primarily to sell soft drinks (Coca Cola, Pepsi, etc.) Then came the famous coffee machine, followed by vending machines that began to be used to sell candy and chips, as well as other packaged foods. Next, we saw vending machines that could sell sandwiches, puddings, salads, and other prepared lunch or dinner foods.

Today, vending machine companies in Los Angeles are looking for more healthy fares. This isn’t so much an innovation in the machines themselves as in the mentality involved in stocking the machines. Instead of potato chips and candies, vending machine companies are stocking fruits, pretzels, healthier chips and nutritional bars in their machines. Healthy drinks, such as fruit juices, water, non-dairy smoothies and energy drinks, have begun to replace the standard fare of soft drinks and carbonated fruit drinks.

As our needs and desires change as a society, so do our needs in vending machines and the products they serve change. Vending machine companies in Los Angeles and elsewhere are working to keep up with these changes, usually with excellent and healthy results.

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