Continuous Ink Supply System

For all your printing needs, inklink represents the best possible solution. This Continuous Ink Supply System can revolutionize the face of modern printing. What is more, the systems provided by a tremendously helpful company such as Rihac will prevent millions of ink jet cartridges to enter landfill, also providing a great sustainable solution for the environment and for everyone who owns a printer.

If you are wondering how much you can save by using inklink (or Continuous Ink Supply System), then you ought to bear in mind that it depends, of course, on how much you print. However, if you go online, to, then you will be able to see that the more you print the more you will be saving. Rihac members state that in the smallest set provided by them (of 100ml for each color), there is almost ten times more ink than a single set of cartridges. If you do the math, you will be able to comprehend that the result is the following: you will get nine times more ink for the cost of one set. Therefore, you save a total of 95% on the cost of buying cartridges.

Rihac is without a shade of doubt a tremendously helpful company that can modernize and completely change the face of printing, caring about the environment and about all its clients’ pockets. It has managed to achieve a high level of excellence and competence solely by putting customer satisfaction above everything else, including profit. What best characterize the team members are the following: professionalism, great work ethic, seriousness, reliability, promptitude, friendliness and commitment. They use solely high grade UV dye inks which were manufactured in USA, UK, as well as Japan.

Compared to normal inks from Epson, Canon, HP and Brother, the Rihac products are made according to clear specifications and requirements, respecting all rules and regulations concerning the quality of inklink (also known as Continuous Ink Supply System, being abbreviated as CISS). You ought to bear in mind that the print quality of this system is just as great as using inkjet cartridges. You should also know that all the inks created by Rihac have UV absorber components. These are especially great due to the fact that they can extend the ink life, as well as its durability. Therefore, all the printed documents and especially pictures will not fade away as they would have if they were printed using traditional or normal inks. Compared to the ones manufactured by all the members of Rihac, cheap and unreliable inks have a tendency to use chemical carrier fluids. These will indubitably cause a severe damage to the printer, not to mention to the finish products. They are also not correctly and efficiently filtered and use too much alcohol carrier fluids.


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