Details About The FIFA World Cup 2014

The draw group world championship was the most watched sporting events in the fall. The reactions are not abating, and among them those that speak of manipulation by lot by FIFA. The debate flared after the World cup 2014 schedule draw skeptics released footage that shows how the FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke pieces of paper with the names of teams of ball pulls away from the public eye and the camera.  He doesn’t care how they did it.  The absolute authority on fixing the legendary Macedonian Velibor Džarovski, who ” celebrated ” hundreds appointed sporting events including the famous 0:0 to 134:0 in handball or a football game. I Džarovski believes that lots of FIFA could be furnished. ” Do you think France and Switzerland accidentally lightest in the group ? “The lightest group are Switzerland and France, as the leaders of FIFA and UEFA’s Swiss Blatter and Platini Frenchman. We are weak and even weaker Honduras. Think that’s an accident? Do not ! Draw a million percent set ” said Dzarovski

“Piece of cake! A ball is a little warmer than the other or one is a little harder, and that’s it. Know how to do it, and I rigged lots Cup Macedonia. Why our Balkan teams, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are not in easy groups ? Because we do not have a lobby and head of UEFA and FIFA, “he added Džarovski. “With some of our Balkan luck Bosnia and Croatia can go far” “It can be set. Why could not match and in the World Cup 2014?” said Dzarovski, and then gave a true sports prediction.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina will go into the second round of World cup 2014, and Croatia is not without chances. If they lose to Brazil in the first match will surely go a group. Along with our little joke Balkans and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia can go far,” he added. He recalled once again on some of their famous adventures, and commented on the current situation in European football. “Matches are constantly furniture. Lately most dirt in Scandinavia. Everybody thinks that the above-ordered society, that there is no fraud, but they are mistaken,” concluded Dzarovski.

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