The England Team In World cup 2014

English media believe that their team FIFA aggrieved by the decision to start the match with Italy relocate from a night date. Do you remember the comic book hero Mister Noah, American pilots from the Second World War, that the peace treaty moved into the heart of the Amazon jungle? If the answer is “yes”, then you probably remember the names of the Brazilian city that has “chosen” for their base. It is Manaus, far from the most remote 12 host cities Copa Mundial 2014, and right there will be 14 June, in the first round of Group D, meet the England and Italy.

The English, who will be in the group stage located in Rio de Janeiro, immediately after the draw Copa Mundial 2014 Calendario began to wail that will make their national team for this match will have to fly 2,850 miles in one direction, and due to unfavorable climatic conditions that await them in Manaus. “So Early” on Saturday they Dosu FIFA, when in agreement with the TV rights holders decided to start that game to move from 21 to 18 pm local time (three hours in the morning to midnight, Central European). For some reason, the media in the Isle believe that a damaged team Roy Hodgson, implying that the Italians, perhaps, prefer to play in extreme heat?

“The chances of England to make a success at the Copa Mundial 2014 suffered another blow when FIFA moved the start of the match with Italy for three hours in advance,” says The agency news, you are on their sites quoted “Guardian”, “BBC” and other large media. Yes, Italy and the south of England, where the average temperature more than in England, but why search for alibis six months before the event? Especially as I am coach Hodgson said that both teams will be “the same problem”. The media in the country of the former world champion are still expecting a little more style.

In the largest city of the largest country of South America will meet five-time world champion Brazil and our neighbors, Croatia. Coach of the Croatian Niko Kovac considers the first match in the Copa Mundial 2014 Calendario a great promotion for their country. “The opening of Brazil?’LL Do everything possible to maximize prepare for the first match. Glad to open the festival world, because everyone will have a chance to see our little Croatia”. Kovacs did not want to deal with the achievements of Croatia in Brazil.

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