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FIFA on its website has opened applications for the purchase of tickets for the Copa Mundial 2014 next year. The International Football Federation has officially started accepting applications for the purchase of tickets for the Juegos del Mundial 2014 in Brazil. Were published fares. For the first phase of the matches of the competition, fans will have to fork out 90, 135 or $ 175, depending on which sector will sit, while the most expensive tickets will be the premier match at the World Cup between Brazil and Croatia, 12 June. The crowd in Sao Paulo will have to pay 220 dollars for the most cheapest seats, while the other category tickets cost 330 and the most expensive $ 495. Tickets for the matches next round are sold at prices ranging from 110 to 220 dollars for the final stop of 165 to 330 dollars, while for a place in the stadium for the semi-final match will have to pay between 275 and 660 dollars.

Anyone wishing to attend the match for third place at the Copa Mundial 2014, they will have to pay from 165 to come for the cheapest ticket, or $ 330 for the most expensive ticket. Cheapest place on the final cost $ 440, while the most expensive ticket for the live coverage of the struggle for “goddess” would be necessary to facilitate a “pocket” for $ 990. FIFA has announced that in the event that demand exceeds the number of tickets, the draw will be selected by the candidates, while in the case of a small number of applications in the rest of the tickets go on public sale. World Cup in Brazil is scheduled for the 12th June to 13 July next year.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) on Thursday will decide on possible sanctions Croatian team Josip Simunic and Mario Mandzukic.FIFA has launched proceedings against the Nazi Šimunića cheering over the public address system at the Maksimir stadium after the victory over Iceland and advances to the World Cup in 2014. On the other hand, Madzukic threaten three match suspension for the harsh start over rivals in the same match, which will perpetuate group stage Copa Mundial 2014 in Brazil.The Bayern Munich striker is automatically suspended for one game due to foul on Johan Gudmundsson for which he automatically got a red card and FIFA will consider whether sanctions will be higher, depending on how the offense was sharp. Simons is now punished only Croatian Magistrates Court for incitement to racial hatred.

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