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Football Association of Italy to decide whether to camp team in Brazil to be close to a safari park or nudist beach. After the draw for Copa do Mundo de 2014 in Brazil. Was over, the football associations gave the chase for places where their representation has the best conditions. Selection of Italians was reduced to two locations, both in the state of Rio de Janeiro – Magaratiba and Buzios. The first is the writing of Italian media pre- booked, and there would be “azure ” a hotel with up to 152 rooms, which means that players cannot bring their families.The problem, however, as the location, which is near safari park, located far from the airport and is therefore given alternative. The second option is much closer to ” airport ” and nudist beach, which could disturb the concentration of players. And we all know what the Italians… It will be, therefore, interesting to see what decision will bring the Italian Football Federation. Recall, “azure ” will compete in the Copa do Mundo de 2014 schedule in Group D with England, Uruguay and Costa Rica

The official ball of the FIFA Copa do Mundo 2014 in Brazil but has become an inspiration to many… The official ball for the World Cup next year – Brazuka, whose design is inspired by the bright colors, passion and heritage of Brazil, but has become an inspiration to many. Imaginative are already connected nice and helpful, and the two in one – football and luscious tits, which are abundant in Brazil… Nice goin ‘. That may have an idea of a great sports company (why not Adidas) to make a whole line dedicated Brazuka, if they have not already done so.

The draw for the Copa do Mundo 2014 in Brazil in 2014. Did not bring us a “group of death”, but it is certain that we expect a lot of exciting matches and uncertain struggle for the next round. They joined more than two favorites to win the “Goddess”, which of course does not mean that any of them could finish the competition in the first stage. As “the first” named team, the strongest we have chosen the D group where Uruguay, Costa Rica, England and Italy. We were not wrong. World-renowned agency for statistics, Infostrada, analyzed the groups on the basis of several criteria, one of which we chose surface for. In the two Group D stands out as the highest quality, but also a group G in which Germany, Portugal, Ghana and the United States.

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