Mexico Football Captain Rafael Marquez

Legendary captain of Mexico Rafael Marquez, who has over seven years at the Nou Camp played over 240 games in all competitions for Barcelona, commented on the group draw for the Copa do Mundo 2014.As you know, Mexico will play in Group A, along with Brazil, Croatia and Cameroon. In the first game of the popular ” El Tri ” will compete with Cameroonians, and four days later they go to Brazil feet in Copa do Mundo 2014 Calendário. The last duel in Recife, will play against Croatia. While recognizing that this is a difficult and demanding group, especially when you take into account the volume of travel and weather conditions, Marquez is very optimistic indeed announce to Mexico in the next round very easily with all three victories. Brazil is a very strong team, but a team that has been lying for years. It is not impossible to look for a victory in this game, and we have their trump card and great individuals. Regarding Cameroon and Croatia, to rank the teams in Mexico, so that everything is open.” “Out of this World Cup very much expect a passage into the next round for us is imperative. Ask you whether it is better to send messages to other representations of the nine points won in the group. We believe in it, the only way to be successful.”

Let’s add to the captain of Mexico optimism is based on statistics, which is really promising. In the last 14 matches against, since 1999. To date, Brazil has entered five wins, two games ended in a draw are, and even the seven occasions celebrated unpleasant Mexicans.

Attacking midfielder RNK Split Henry Cameron White commented on the group draw for the Copa do Mundo 2014. “We have a difficult group, I think it will lead to a big fight between Croatia, Mexico and Cameroon in second place. All three teams have a chance to go, but the favorite is Croatia. They have the best collective, while Mexicans rely more on individuals. In this competition collective is still critical, “said Belle. I’d like to Cameroon over, but they are now a very young team, we have players who are just physique and therefore they will be very difficult. Frankly, I think this group cannot do much. However, it is good that the team has been in Brazil can prepare for the next championship which could show a lot more.”

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