Alloy wheel refurbishment Portsmouth based companies can help you have perfect wheels!

Modern wheels can radically beautify your car’s appearance and they can increase its performance, but they are also a real challenge in terms of their care. The overheated particles emerging from the brake pads constantly bombard the wheel and burn or melt the rim surface. The traces of these particles left on the rim are the signs of a phenomenon known as galvanic corrosion which can possibly destroy the entire wheel finish. All those looking for alloy wheel refurbishment Portsmouth based or alloy wheel refurbishment Southampton based companies, should try to find the best ones, in order to benefit from their experience.


Unfortunately, neither the auto detergents nor the household cleaners are strong enough to break the link between the particles from the brake pads and the rim area. For an authentic cleaning of the wheels, the car care products industry has developed two groups of detergents. The first group is represented by the acid based cleaners. They are widely used by alloy wheel refurbishment Portsmouth based or alloy wheel refurbishment Southampton based companies, car dealers and car washes who want to clean the rims in the shortest time possible and with the least effort. Most cleaners which are in the form of spray are in this category. Although these cleaners experienced great commercial success, they present a real danger of letting the surface engraved if left to dry on the rim. Also, you should avoid using such cleaners on wheels that shows nicks, cracks or scratches. The acid will migrate into any cracks and it will increase the exfoliation process.


The second group of detergents generally include non-acid cleaners. These solutions are creeping beneath dirt and particles from brake pads, removing them from the surface. Usually, non-acid cleaners require friction of the surface (with a brush or sponge) but they are safer than the others for finishing wheels.

You can let the specialists do their job or you can choose to clean and refurbish your alloy wheels by yourself. Once you have chosen the appropriate cleaner, you should be aware of some tips on how to make the cleaning easier.


Clean the wheels before washing the rest of the car. In this way, the body panels that have already been washed will be protected from splashes with detergent, dirt and brake dust. Do not clean the wheels if they are still hot from the road. Clean one wheel at a time following the instructions on the detergent packaging.

The importance of having nice refurbished alloy wheels stands both in their appearance and in their functionality. Besides the fact that everybody wants to have a beautiful car with shiny wheels, it is also very important for the wheels to work very well so that you could feel safe on the road in every moment.

Find the best alloy wheel refurbishment Portsmouth based company or alloy wheel refurbishment Southampton based company in order to have nice wheels that work perfectly safe. You can find the experts on their specialized websites on the internet.

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