Beneficial Bidets for Sexually Active Women

By Mary Kathleen Kristel, Registered Nurse

With the number of benefits a bidet can offer, no one can deny the importance of a bidet installed on the common toilet. Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of a bidet, not to mention the ease of achieving these benefits. Bidets can be beneficial for a number of people and sexually active young women are just one of them. Truly, bidets work wonders; fears of extra sexual intimacy by women with their partners because of potential odor can absolutely be overcome with the regular use of a bidet. With just a convenient push of a button, the use of a bidet will provide freshness before and also to after sexual intimacies.

A fear of sexual intimacy can affect other expressions of one’s life. For one, the fear can continuously affect the self-esteem. Most importantly, fear of sexual intimacy can definitely affect the direction of the relationship with one’s partner; which is why the fear must be put to an end. The causes of these fears play a contributing role to these significant effects to one’s life. Vaginal odor can be one of the causes why women have intimacy fears. Fortunately, using a bidet can address this problem. Young women with vaginal odor need no longer worry about it for a bidet can help eliminate the unpleasant and  embarrassing odor. The bidet provides a temperature controlled release of clean water to irrigate the vaginal area. Regular cleansing of the genital area with water instead of toilet paper will promote constant freshness and prevent odor from developing. Water is the natural cleaning element that will never alter the vaginal pH. This fact will reduce the need for chemically harmful products to cleanse the genital area such as soaps and douches, which can further cause irritation. For some women, these products may work for them, but for most, it is only temporarily, and eventually becomes resistant to it, or worse, causing other problems.

An altered vaginal pH can pose more problems such as infections. Aside from that, a genital area not properly cleaned can contribute to the development of an infection that may even be recurrent. Fecal matter can be transferred to the vaginal area due to its very close proximity, moisture and warm temperature; which is why women are more prone to recurrent urinary tract infections. Vaginal itching may also be a symptom of a vaginal infection. For some women, recurrent infections may be due to sexual activities. Therefore in order to prevent such infections, thorough cleaning of the genital area before and after a sexual activity which a bidet can absolutely provide, is a solution to be considered. A bidet can be set to irrigate both the rectal and genital area; it has two spray arms one positioned to directly aim each of the areas.

When fear of extra intimacy has been overcome, the benefit of a bidet does not stop there, adjustable water pressure can also serve as a massage down there. Install a bidet on your regular toilet so you too can benefit from it.

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