Isatdata Pro Helps You Connect With Assets & Workers in Remote Locations

Isatdata Pro is the new age tool, which enables you to remotely track your assets on land and sea, across the world! Whether it is a fleet of ships, oil refineries or trucks, spread across continental locations; ‘Isatdata Pro,’ makes it easy for you to locate and monitor them. The IDP 600 series terminals use the two-way ‘Inmarsat Isatdata Pro’ satellite service. This makes it possible for customers to reach out to their people and track their mobile and immobile properties, overseas quickly and efficiently. In doing so, Isatdata Pro lowers operation costs and contributes to making enterprises, big and small, much more efficient!

Models of Isatdata Pro

Different versions and models of Isatdata Pro are available and service diverse requirements. While IDP-680 is a model used for “general remote asset management and communications,” IDP-690 – has been built essentially for “maritime and low elevation-angle applications,” states SkyWave Mobile Communications, the company providing Isatdata Pro. This apart, the IDP-800, is “optimized for unpowered equipment;” the IDP-780 model, is engineered for “integrated satellite-cellular communication for workforce automation and other intelligent business services;” and the IDP-100 models use “modems for system integration in high-volume applications,” SkyWave states on its website.

Battery Operated Model of Isatdata Pro

For customers who face a power connection problem, SkyWave has launched IDP-800, a battery operated model of Isatdata Pro. This model has been engineered for unpowered equipment like, containers, trailers, railcars, and more. With a three-year battery life and once a day reporting, this model also comes with field-replaceable batteries and magnetic installation for stress-free usage.

Essential Features of Isatdata Pro

Isatdata Pro is primarily used to remotely monitor and trace fixed and mobile assets on land and water. That it is compact and unobtrusive, has a high message capability, intelligent message routing, can be used in rough environments, simplifies application development and thus reduces time to market; are amongst its many beneficial features.  However, certain parameters need to be kept in mind when using it. 40°C to +85°C, are Isatdata Pro’s environmental operating and storage temperatures. The same specifications apply to its electrical operating temperature and storage temperature.

Benefits of using Isatdata Pro

‘SkyWave Mobile Communications’ believes that clients using products like the Isatdata Pro, stand to gain in many ways. They state, that using these, clients get more accurate information about their assets and can therefore increase their productivity. In addition, these also reduce the risk of thefts and strengthen security through the use of panic buttons and emergency reporting. Additionally, these products make it possible to exchange electronic documents with workers in remote locations. Simultaneously, by using telemetry data, clients can monitor the driving habits and fuel levels in their vehicles and in turn reduce maintenance and operating costs. Finally, according to SkyWave, its products offer customers a competitive advantage by providing them with accurate status and location information.

Providers of Isatdata Pro

Isatdata Pro is a product of ‘SkyWave Mobile Communications.’ The company is a global leader in providing satellite communication equipment and airtime services for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. “Using the Inmarsat satellite constellation, our products enable dependable communication, tracking and monitoring of fixed and mobile assets anywhere in the world. We do business by partnering with a global network of Solution Providers who integrate our equipment into a broad range of applications for remote management of assets in the transportation, maritime, mining, oil and gas, heavy equipment and utilities sectors,” SkyWave informs on its website.

Skymira provides Isatdata Pro ( ) as a part of its workflow automation and M2M telemetry products. To know more about Isatdata Pro, visit the SkyWave page.

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