Celebrating Over 28 Years of a Successful Practice

Middletown, OH (PRWEB) December 16, 2013

His first key is to listen to the client and focus on their particular goals. He does not take the cookie cutter approach to investing and financial planning. Every client is different and has various financial goals in life, Padussis advises. Treat each client as if they were your only client. His clients know that he focuses on them through the entire process. From the attention to listening and asking the right questions in the initial interview, to communications after the initial visit, the client understands that Padussis is dedicated to helping them achieve their life goals.

Learning is the second key. Beyond the education about new products and market trends, Padussis goes outside the world of investing reading and attending lectures as to what is affecting society and the world as a whole. I have to assure myself and the firm that I am keeping up with the market and financial planning trends to remain competitive, explains Padussis. I also want to give myself and the firm an edge, by going far beyond what other firms in the area may be doing to attract and retain clients.

Evaluating his business principles and practices each quarter is the third piece to the equation. He continually questions himself and his staff if they are incorporating new ideas and services for their clients or are they becoming complacent in their success. After 28 years, Padussis has an excellent grasp on works and what does not. What I try to do is to be open to new ideas, services and methods of financial planning, he acknowledges. Financial advisors often become complacent and closed to new approaches in financial planning.

Ed Morrow, Chairman of the IARFC gives Padussis credit to his almost 3 decades in the Financial Services. We appreciate what all our member accomplish and especially applaud Gary for his continued longevity in this field, says Morrow. The IARFC is enriched by these successful professionals.

For his last piece of advice to his fellow IARFC members, Padussis advises to do whatever is necessary and proper to make yourself the best in the industry. In that manner our industry as a whole will flourish and our profession respected. For the entire article, go to the IARFC website and read the December profile article “Don’t Get Comfortable” – an interview with Gary T. Padussis, RFC.

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