Top Fun Learning Activities for Phoenix Preschool Children

Looking for new games and activities to play with your preschooler? Check out these top 5 learning activities for Phoenix preschool children.

Match It Up
This game is great for preparing your child for success in school. All you need to make this game is a few sheets of paper, markers, and scissors. Take a sheet of paper and draw 4 or 6 squares on it. Then draw a simple picture in each box, such as a tree, an apple, a letter, or number. Then, take another sheet of paper, divide it into the same amount of squares as the first, and draw the same pictures but in different locations on the second sheet of paper. Finally, cut singular squares and cover all the pictures. Now it’s time to play!
Ask your child to uncover one picture, look and remember what it is, and then cover it again. Now, have them try to find the same picture on the second piece of paper and remember where it is. This activity helps your child develop memory, fine motor skills, and social skills.

Cork Stamp Art
Give your child time to create a work of art with this fun activity that is perfect for Phoenix pre-k school kids. All you need is some clean, dry corks in several different sizes, paper, paints, and markers. Prepare the activity workspace by laying out all materials for your kid. Then, talk to your child about what they can paint. For example, you could talk about the different seasons and ask them if they know what type of weather and plants are usually present during the summer or winter. You can also help structure the painting initially by helping your child draw some tree branches or flower stems. Then have your child take the corks, dip them in paint, and create his or her masterpiece! This activity helps your child explore their senses and develop fine motor skills.

Make a Cereal Abacus
This activity is so much fun, your preschooler won’t even notice that it’s designed to help them learn numbers. First, you’ll need to create the abacus using a shoebox and some floral cloth wire. Get some colorful O-shaped cereal in assorted colors and have your child string 10 pieces of cereal to each wire. As a tip, come up with some counting songs to sing with your child while he or she plays with the abacus.

Candy Cane Decorations
Since its December, why not have your child make seasonal candy cane decorations? This will help your child learn how to create a repeated pattern using texture. Plus, when they are all done they can put these up all around your house and on your Christmas tree. All you need is red construction paper, cotton balls, a glue stick and a pencil. Ask your child to draw a large cane shape on the red paper, and help them if necessary. Then cut out the shape and ask your kid to help unroll and tear apart cotton balls. Show him how to make stripes on the candy cane, then ask him to place his cotton stripes onto the paper. Glue the strips of cotton down with him and then hang up the finished product wherever you see fit!
At All Saints Episcopal Day School Phoenix preschool, children get to play all of these preschool activities while making new friends and learning important life skills.

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