New Book Shows the Joys of Traveling With Friends

Garden Grove, Calif. (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

In Janette Bickfords new childrens book Verns Vacation (published by Trafford Publishing), she regales readers with the story of a caterpillar and his adventures traveling with a human family taking a vacation to see a baseball game.

One day, the middle child of a human family, Brett, meets Vern, the middle child of a caterpillar family. The two hit it off instantly. After Brett introduces Vern to the rest of his family, everyone decides, Verns parents willing, to take Vern on a vacation with them.

Vern joins Bretts family on the trip of his life as he takes his first car ride, stays in his first hotel, enjoys a swimming adventure, rides his first metro and attends his first ballgame, where he gets to nibble on a hotdog and popcorn. Throughout their journey, Brett and Verns friendship grows as they become closer to one another.

An excerpt from Verns Vacation:

The boys took turns talking to Vern, pointing out the sights, the big buildings and churches, flowers and lakes. They finally came to a great big building called a hotel, and Vern was really happy to arrive because he was feeling just a little carsick and queasy. The family parked the car, got out all their luggage, checked in, and started toward their room. And thats when Vern found out what real queasiness was, cause he went on his first what the boys called an elevator ride. His tummy was doing flip flops all the way to the 37th floor.

Readers will enjoy stepping out of their world of quiet desperation to enjoy a wondrous tale of friendship and adventure. The book describes how simple things can be and still be enjoyable and entertaining, says Bickford.

About the Author

Janette Bickford was born in the little town of Northwood, Iowa, was educated and married there and has lived in California for 50 years in the same house. She raised six children, all adults now, while working for a local government office and going to college. While Bickford was busy writing several short articles, presenting book reviews, dreaming of publishing a book and reading and telling stories to 15 grandchildren, this story began to unfold.

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