The world of prohormones and fat burners

The first question that comes to mind the moment someone mentioned prohormones and fat burners is whether they are safe to consume. There are so many differing opinions on these two products that one can never say for sure whether they are safe or unsafe for the body. There are some that gain immensely from the use of these supplements and there are others that have intense side effects. Hence, before one starts using these supplements it is best to seek professional guidance. Such professional guidance can be taken from physicians among others.


But what are prohormones? These are hormone precursors that don’t have hormonal effects or very small effect. Their job is to enhance the effects of hormones that are already present in the human body. There are some natural pro hormones that are found in the human body, pro-opiomelanocortin and proinsulin are examples. But the supplements are still used by those that want to build up muscle fast effectively and quickly.


One of the dreaded names in the world of sports is anabolic steroid. There is no count of the number of sportspersons that have been degraded because they used anabolic steroids. Prohormones work exactly like anabolic steroids but they are not illegal to use. But they are able to add to the muscle mass and increase strength, something that is required by professionals like bodybuilders.


As far as fat burners are concerned they help in the reduction of unwanted body fat. These supplements are considered to be the best when it comes to weight loss. These supplements work in different ways and depending on one’s body condition one of them can be used. Some of the products in this category actually work like wonder drugs and if one wants to build up muscles and lose weight they work wonders. These products are available in the form of capsules and gels too.


Among the most popular fat burners are fat blockers. These consist of an element called chitosan, usually a shellfish derivative. Chitosan binds with the fat present in food so that it cannot be absorbed by the body. Another type of fat burner is a collection of products that suppress our appetite. They produce hormonal effects in the body that trick the brain into thinking that there is no need for food, the stomach is full. There are also those products that increase the rate of body metabolism as a result of which body fat gets burned. Caffeine is found in many such supplements.


For someone that is looking to gain muscles and lose fat prohormones and fat burners can be wonderful products. But as mentioned above one has to be cognizant of the possible side effects. There have been instances when someone overdosed on these products and their vital organs, the heart for example, got affected. There is really no fun when something like this happens. What is important is that one uses these prohormones and fat burners as per the prescribed dose and doesn’t get too greedy.

Are prohormones and fat burners good for health? They certainly show the desired results but one has to seek professional assistance before they start consuming these supplements.

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