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Everyone associated with SEO knows that Google constantly changes the way it ranks and displays websites for online searches. While Google continues to baffle each and every one with these frequent changes the SEO experts are not to be fooled, well the real experts at least. While the last Google update happened on October 4 this year there have been as many as 14 updates from Google in 2013. So, it is extremely important that you choose an SEO expert that can predict these updates and keeps your website ready for the changes.

The last Google update is the fifth release of Google Penguin. However, this update is more or less an improved version of the second generation Penguin 2 and the people at Google are actually calling it Penguin 2.1. As per Matt Cutts, who heads the web spam team at Google, this latest update is going to affect about 1% of all online searches on Google.

When Penguin was first released there were many websites that got hit by it. The objective of Google Penguin is to find those websites that supposedly spam search results on Google. At the same time these websites continue to rank high on Google. Google Penguin is very harsh on those websites that use paid links because as per the search engine giant, paid links are not natural links. Any website that got hit or gets hit by Penguin is bound to see a marked drop in online traffic. Penguin is an automatic process and hence there is no question of reconsideration by Google. One has to painstakingly manually remove the bad links in their websites.

Google has gained its reputation in the market as being the best search engine and it constantly updates its algorithm, even though many SEO experts feel nothing but consternation as a result. But those SEO experts that engage in nothing but ethical SEO are the ones that rejoice. With this last Google update the ethical SEO experts are going to feel all the more elated because more wrongdoers will be flushed out of the online search space. You have to bear in mind that 1% of online search is a huge number and many websites are going to get hit by the latest Google update.

So, what is it that you are supposed to do? With the last Google update the first thing you are supposed to do is remove all bad links. They may have been serving you well till now but may not anymore. If you use paid links then it’s time to review these links and instead look for natural links. If you feel that this is the time to change your SEO partner then go for it. Look for someone that knows about tackling Google updates and can ensure that your website doesn’t come under the scanner of Google.

The last Google update is not going to stop in October. Many more updates are going to happen. Stay ready for these updates and you will reap the best SEO rewards.

The last Google update in the form of Penguin 5 is bound to hit spammers even harder. If you think you need to make changes in your SEO strategy then this is the time. Also please view our SEO Christmas offer that we have for all webmasters this year!

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