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Regardless of where you buy solar panels, they can cost from several hundred up to several thousand dollars. There are a number of factors that should be taken into account when you buy solar panels for a clean green energy plant. Do not rely only on price when you decide to get this commercial solar unit; below we offer some advice on how to select the solar panels and solar panel installation, suitable only for you.


The cost of the panel is partially defined by its power (in watts), as well as by other factors, such as its physical size, the quality of materials, the durability / longevity (guarantee term) and various quality certificates. It is not wise to choose solar panels guiding only by their price because they can be, for example, too bulky, without certificates, or totally unprofitable because of their low productivity.


In addition to the cost of the solar panel, you should also consider an important factor, such as the materials from which it is made, as well as the assembly technology. The specialists decided to classify all the solar panels produced in the world into three quality levels. The first level comprises only 2% of the PV manufacturers.


The manufacturing process is integrated vertically, which means that the manufacturer controls each stage of production. These companies invest heavily in research and development, using advanced means of automating the production process and they are engaged in manufacturing solar panels for at least 5 years. The producers in the first level are using the highest quality silicon, which increases the solar panels’ operating duration and improves the quality of their functions. This group includes the most productive solar panels. Accordingly, the price corresponds to quality.


The second level is represented by the companies that invest less in research and development, and whose manufacturing process uses both mechanical work and manual work. Typically, manufacturers of this group have experience in this field of activity from 2 to 5 years. In conclusion, it is an average option – good panels at good prices.

90% of the manufacturers of solar panels represent the third level of quality, the lowest. Usually, these companies are engaged only in assembling solar panels, they do not produce their own cells and do not invest in research and development.


Of course, there is also the category represented by those companies which deal with solar panel installation. They are in fact the ones you usually come in contact with. So what should be taken into account in choosing solar panels? First, you should find out what materials and technologies are used to manufacture the panels. Secondly, read the information and results of the tests conducted under real conditions: how efficient are heat-tolerant the selected panels are. Thirdly, compare the warranty conditions of the commercial solar panels that you intend to purchase. And lastly, find out as much as you can about the manufacturer.

When choosing commercial solar and solar panel installation keep in mind all the details presented above.

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