Old or New Apartment

The biggest problem with a number of new savings on insulating materials, equipment and housing, and it would be a good idea to check with a counselor especially if the apartment is adequately insulated, and then some “little things” that you later can significantly reduce the life business – sound insulation in the ceiling (if the apartment is not over yet occupied, Try to ask someone to speak up in his story and briskly walk – those who hear the neighbors will know what I mean), the thickness of the wall between your and neighboring austin apartments (if the neighbors are noisy or violent , this can be a major problem).

However, there’s good and new to you for the price of a square and equipment building / austin apartment locators soon realize. Despite some advantages pertaining to the safety and maintenance of buildings (24 hour doorman, service and maintenance), a contemporary condominium is often constructed using the principles of energy efficiency (use of solar / thermal energy, the better the insulation, the use of “gray” water, etc..), Which can significant impact on the reduction of fixed monthly costs.

When buying an austintexas apartments in an old building is important as close as possible to estimate the amount of investment to the state in which you want the property. For that you definitely need the help of experts, but keep in mind that the estimated value of the investment you have to add in apartments in austintx20 – 40%, due to unforeseen costs and making changes in the course of the works(Often, for example, the case that we want to replace the floor and we count only the cost of materials and work, and when you remove the old flooring in older homes are usually turned out to be the surface – cement screed – failed and cannot receive new flooring, and the old must break open, remove and pour new, which is a significant new cost and extension of the work).

Installation – their strength, type and condition – it is very important to examine. Many old apartments in austintx and houses are single-phase power, which cannot handle the load that make modern kitchen appliances and machines, so we need all the wiring replaced. Also, the old water and sewer pipes can be rotten, so it is a good substitute.What is also a big issue, it is the type of heating. Heating and tiled stoves do not wear thermal comfort typical for central heating, families with young children and the elderly should avoid them. Often in old building’s tenants decide on a replacement of installations and the introduction of central heating, so the investment in the foreseeable future can be expected.

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