Cerebral Palsy Cure- Common Symptoms And Its Treatment

Cerebral palsy is a set of neurological conditions which causes physical disability in human development. It affects the nervous system and brain. In fact, the word cerebral refers to the part of the brain which is affected whereas palsy refers to partial or complete muscle paralysis often accompanied by loss of feeling or tremors. Probably, the cerebrum is a front portion of the brain and the most dominant part of the brain.

Signs and symptoms of cerebral palsy

A person, who has cerebral palsy signs show symptoms in the first three years of his life. If it in a child then the signs and symptoms are:

  • Achieves developmental objective like walking, crawling and speaking with peers.
  • Possess abnormal muscle tone
  • Feels difficulty in sucking and feeding
  • Lies in uncomfortable position
  • Gets startled easily
  • Special treatment is given to one side of the body over the other.
  • Have droopy or stiff muscles.
  • Has ataxia (bad coordination and balance)
  • Possess athetosis and spastic paralysis
  • Has hearing troubles
  • Possess bowel problems
  • Has spasm and problems in swallowing.

Types of cerebral palsy

  • There are three types of CP:
  • Spastic hemiplegeia
  • Ataxia cerebral palsy
  • Athetoid dyskinetic cerebral palsy
  • Hypotonic cerebral palsy

What causes it in human beings?

Mainly control of muscles is caused in cerebrum and certain damage to it leads to cerebral palsy causing problems in learning and communication which requires a cerebral palsy cure. Sometimes it affects your hearing and vision. Normally, during birth or labor, some babies get poor oxygen which causes asphyxia that leads to brain damage due to oxygen deprivation. And due to this damage occurs to cerebrum in children. This is same as a Cure of Autism which gets some improvements when followed with certain therapies and observation of behavior.

How can it be diagnosed?

As there is a cerebral palsy treatment, expected mother should see their general practitioner or a pediatrician during her pregnancy to get examined about the development of the child. The doctor will check the posture, movements, motor skills, muscle tone of the child. And in case if the child is a little bit older then the doctor may pass on the child to a psychologist in order to judge the child’s intellectual development. The following tests can be performed to carry out diagnosis and proper cerebral palsy cure in children.

Blood tests

Cranial ultrasound which helps the doctors to know the image of the brain tissue in children.

Magnetic resonance image scans to produce proton density descriptions.

Computerized tomography scanning to create 3D images of the child’s brain

Treatment for cerebral palsy

After getting the child diagnosed, a team of professionals looks after the child’s requirements in which a pediatrician, general practitioner, a social worker and health visitor, physiotherapists and other practitioners are involved in treatment at no cost. It is same as a Cure of Autism in which therapies and certain practitioners are involved to make improvements in communication, play skills, speaking and behavior of the child. In fact there is no end to treat as many people with autism go on to fulfill lives and live independently to have better outcomes at all levels of life.

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