Autism- Information To Identify It in Early Stage

Autism is one of the complex problems and the fastest growing disorder that occurs in children. There are many reasons behind it and is identified with a number of signs and symptoms as this problem occurs at nay early age. When a child is suffering with autism, a few changes in behavior are observed which shows of sign to get the child examined near a doctor and get it diagnosed. In fact autism is nothing but Autism Spectrum Disorders which is causing problems and conflicts in the condition of child health. With this Information on Autism, you can identify a person or a child suffering with a spectrum disorder. They can’t mingle in a social group, get adapted to environment, can’t understand signs and facial expressions and other communication words. Mainly, there are three phases in which child faces difficulties:

  • The first is the social relationship
  • Second is a communication skill
  • And the third is planning and imagination

How does it cause?

It has its roots in early brain development of children and tends to start between 2 to 3 years of age. And early involvement with effective behavioral therapies can give improvements in the behavior of the child. We have no single cause for it but are given to be due to Environmental factors and genetic problems which are inherited from parents or from viral infections and air pollutants during pregnancy.

Symptoms of autism

It is more important to know Information on Autism as this helps you to check your child to a doctor if he /she are an autistic. Actually, there are many symptoms and need to be diagnosed if they are observed in an initial stage.

  • Autistics prefer to be alone in their world
  • Possess poor language skills
  • Feels difficulty to express their thoughts
  • No expressions for a hug
  • Strange ways in playing
  • No response when addressed
  • Focus in a single way for a long time
  • And less sensitivity to pain when compared to normal children

What is the treatment for it?

Studies show that treatments to cure autism are in progress and found to be more effective with the first session in child development centre. A few tests are performed by physician and therapists who perform behavioral training, speech therapies and medicines to treat depression, hyperactivity and obsessive behaviors. And most of the people and autistic children have sleeping disorders to which certain therapies are performed to improve sleep with the time set to go to bed and time to get up. And when it comes to Spastic cerebral palsy, it is somewhat common to autism which causes due to the damage of cerebral cortex in the brain. The normal movement is interrupted due to problems with the brain to nerve muscle coordination. In this condition, the pair of muscles can’t function as the way they have to be in a normal way.

Is there cure for Spastic cerebral palsy?

There is no certain cure but numbers of treatments are designed to weaken the tension and reduce muscle spasm and some of the common treatments are:

  • Oral medication
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgical procedures to elongate muscles
  • Botox injections
  • Hippotherapy
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Electrical muscle stimulation

The main goal of treatment is to inhibit the main effects that cause disorder in the patient’s body and to provide normal functionality in later life.

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