Detail About The Promotion Codes

On the plane when you are bying lufthansa promotion code, apply a very strict code of conduct, put on a plane is not the same as a few years ago. So if you are planning to get ready. On the plane, you can not like the bus unpacked chick as soon as the store, and your shoes, umbrellas and bags will be examined in order to determine not to use them as weapons.Before the time spent on the plane, you know that means you cannot be late, the pilot will not wait even though you have a charming smile. Before departure, you need to get to the airport an hour and a half to two hours earlier, a notice of the flight, you will hear the speaker. However, if you miss something, ask the nearest uniformed person so you never miss a flight, because you have lufthansa coupon code.

Goodies such as tweezers, nail file, lighter and so you can take in your hand bag. In addition, that same bag you carry with you on the seat which you bought with lufthansa discount code must not exceed the prescribed weight and size. The measures vary, but just in case you watch it before you leave the house you find the lowest possible where you take only what you think it is necessary. And sometimes not even that, “essential” cannot pass.But do not try because you’re fighting with the controls, it will be of no help. Aircraft will not help. The same rules apply to all other passengers. So instead gets her, you can easily get the ban to fly them, and perhaps even in the next couple of times. If the staff a little more tolerant, but you will suck disgrace and blush in front of other passengers without a solid reason.

Before you enter, and after you buy you lufthansa coupons code you pass through an x-ray. There needs to remove his coat and shoes, and watch to be certain without too shoelaces and avoid those socks with a hole at the top, because if you thought that they at least here no one will see, you were wrong. In a container with sides need to dispose of all metal objects, as well as mobile phones and laptops, to be able to go through the x-ray gate without undue hissing. When you are inside, drink as much fluid as your body, and skin, not dehydrated, due to the dryness of the air. You do not have to carry any magazines and books to be entertained, because it will be kind stewards make sure that you provide the time. Drinks and food are also used, and it often does not cost anything. Some of our people know how to take advantage of, and they come out after the summer staggering. Do not follow their example.

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