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The difference between the new Real estate Indoreand old Real estate Bhopal in the quality of construction in most cases is enormous. Thus, for example. In an old building in most cases have a common water meter for the entire building (payment is calculated according to the members of the household), heating to district heating (pay per square meter regardless of heated or not ), and that the building is regulated by separate meters – how much is spent, so the and wages. Materials that are installed are by far better than a twenty or more years from the classical oak parquet unlike lamellar parquet floors, facades silicate, unlike a number of other common materials. Yet there are other opinions. Analyzing the development of science and technology it is assumed that the building thanks to the technological and scientific innovations far better than the old built houses and apartments.

If, however, I’ve seen improvement in the quality of materials and the like. Then the new Flats in Kolkata with its quality should necessarily exceed the Old Building. As, however, the quality of a complex term, to notice that the old buildings are usually built from authentic and natural materials, high ceilings, double windows, and are functional, spiritual sense something comfortable and appropriate human scale.In this way the complex looking at the level of quality of life, quality of construction, for the most part leveling, which means that in some areas superior old building new building, and the other levels of peace and a sense of security, a feeling of spaciousness and durability, consistency and stability, which often gives life to an old building, cannot be replaced by anything.

My new residential project in Kolkata and old buildings have its advantages. The advantages of building-new materials, and the possibility of a customer who buys an apartment under construction to remedy its sole discretion. Old building in turn has thick walls, high ceilings, but also what is most crucial in the selection, and its location, usually it is about the center of the city.The difference in price is often very small in favor of new construction, current market conditions the investors that they have a lot to modify the prices of new apartments. Whatever they see Beatty, the old “trick” or modern materials, all experts agree that the apartment buying and emotions, and it is crucial that you space, be it modern, retro or rebuilt at some of the styles like, and that in you can imagine with a cup of coffee and a smile on his face

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