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The wonder solution for the residential remodeling segment Media reports have long spoken about the dangers that citizens in the UAE face on account of fires. Life savings get wiped out, lives get snuffed out and a major cause of this is house fires. The authorities in the UAE too, have been investing on fire safety awareness programs and more stringent house inspections. This has put a great onus on the building maintenance and facility management services in Dubai. Research is being conducted on a regular basis towards developing newer building materials and practices. One such development has been the increasing usage of dry-wall systems in construction. Popularly known as ‘gypsum-partitions’, the dry-partition wall system has emerged as a counter-alternative to the conventional masonry solutions. A good home and office remodeling or renovation in Dubai would be incomplete without the involvement of modern building materials. A steady stream of improvements in dry-wall technology has been the key to their suitability for use in-place of conventional masonry. Modern methods of production ensure that dry-wall partitions are capable of meeting the standards and specifications, as required when used in today’s homes and offices. Dry-wall partitions today are suitable for a wide variety of projects. They are sturdy enough to support heavy loads like televisions and other audio-video equipment. Elaborate electrical fixtures too are no problem for a dry-wall partition that is engineered to specifications. They are subjected and rated according to their stiffness coefficient, ability to withstand repeated door-slams, impact tests and anchorage tests where-in their weight bearing ability durability is checked. An important test for a dry-wall system is their flame-retardant and fire-proofing ability. This is extremely important while choosing a system that suitable to one’s needs, as fire-protection is a key issue. A huge advantage of dry-wall systems is that they can be built to better specifications at less than half the inputs, as required for conventional brick-and-mortar partitions. This method leads to savings in terms of materials, costs and also ensures a much quicker rate of construction. However, it is extremely critical to ensure that installations of such systems are done by trained experts only. This is to ensure equality usage experience throughout its life-time. There are many operators of handyman services in Dubai. However, one must choose the service provider that is best equipped for the task. At HTS-UAE, one can find a wide range of handyman services under one roof. We undertake a wide range of maintenance tasks on behalf of our customers. Some of them include: air-condition maintenance and repair jobs in Dubai, Gypsum partition works, carpentry works, interior and exterior painting, exterior glass cleaning, etc. We also have years of technical experience in catering to clients in need of gypsum partition works in Dubai. To know more about our services and to receive your free quote today. Posh deals online discount services are the exclusive daily deals in Dubai and UAE offers online shopping, Dubai shopping festival and things to do in Dubai.

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