Save big with green building practices

The human population is growing at a rate that can be described best by the word – alarming. Bringing with it a surge in levels of consumption and pollution, environmental concerns affecting the world have gained an international level of prominence. Despite this, there is still a significant amount of work left to be done before environmental pollution levels return to acceptable levels.

Many residential property owners are aware of the latest developments in eco-friendly building practices, which can benefit their property, but choose not to opt for these practices owing to the investments required as they go along with their fixed opinions.

This lack of motivation stems primarily from the fact that most of these residential property owners are simply unaware of the monetary benefits they can derive from following these practices, thinking that the benefits these practices bring are restricted to the environment.

The adoption of the following green practices can help residential property owners see exactly how they stand to make a great deal of money. These practices include:

Upgrading the insulation of the house is one of the most effective ways for residential property owners to save on money. Installing energy efficient windows, repairing and upgrading the insulation all come together to minimize the energy lost in heating or cooling the property. This means that air-conditioning units do not need to run at peak power to deliver passable performance. This translates into major savings on electricity and air conditioner maintenance which carry on for a very long time.

Installing eco friendly lighting is another way for residential property owners to save. CFLs or Compact Florescent Lamps enable owners to enjoy a more energy efficient form of lighting. However, this came with the concerns of mercury poisoning, due to mercury being a required component in the manufacturing of CFLs. Newer technology, like LED lighting has alleviated all such concerns, providing residential property owners with a much more efficient, durable and ecologically friendly alternative.

Harnessing the power of the sun is the next step to minimize expenses. Solar water heaters and solar backup power units can help residential property owners save on major expenses in the household’s operations by allowing the owners to harness a clean, free and virtually limitless source of energy.

Those residential property owners, who employ the above stated practices, will see the savings from the application of these practices cover the “extra” costs which they feared.

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