'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson: What Are His Legal Options?

'Duck Dynasty' Star Phil Robertson: What Are His Legal Options?
TheWrap spoke to multiple legal experts who said that, if Robertson's contract contained a morals clause — as if often the case with on-air talent — than the reality TV star has little in the way of legal recourse. Also read: 'Duck Dynasty' Fallout …
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New Mexico becomes 17th state with legal gay marriage
“We conclude that the purpose of New Mexico marriage laws is to bring stability and order to the legal relationship of committed couples by defining their rights and responsibilities as to one another, their children if they choose to raise children …
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Horse slaughter industry attempt by New Mexico plant fails legal hurdle
A New Mexico business attempting to revive the US horse slaughtering industry was stymied by another legal hurdle on Thursday, less than one week after a federal order blocking the practice was lifted. The New Mexico attorney general filed a lawsuit on …
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The next headache for SAC's Steinberg: Legal fees?
The reason: SAC founder Steve Cohen's legal policies, which insulate both investors and employees of his $ 13 billion hedge fund from most regulatory or litigation fees and penalties—unless an employee is found guilty of misconduct at trial. That means …
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