Asian holiday: An overview

Asia isn’t new as tourist destination to western travelers. Places like India, Thailand, Sri Lanka etc. receive thousands of tourists every year. But it is the south-east destinations of Asia that have become extremely popular with travelers recently. Tourists are discovering unexplored, exotic locations of south-east Asia in new light.

Asia being the largest continent is full of diversities and natural marvels, but inaccessibility, poor condition of roads and infrastructure and tumultuous political conditions have prevented tourism from flourishing full-fledged. The situation however has taken a positive change which has once again made Asia a favorite, yet affordable, tourist destination for foreign tourists.

Asia is popular both for leisure family vacations and adventure holidays. When Asia family vacation packages cover the popular tourist spots Asian adventure holidays take one into the hinterlands of the continent; to places, that haven’t been explored before.

Top tourist destinations in Asia

Asia offers a perfect blend of modernity and tradition. Diverse culture, religion, people, traditions, cuisine and language make it a kaleidoscope of humanity. Unparallel scenic beauty of exotic locations only elevates one’s experience of Asia. Depending on the nature of vacation seeker you are customized tour packages can be organized for more personal experience. Leisure vacation seekers, romantic couples, family vacationers or adventure sports lovers – there is something for all. As demand for more personalized traveling experience has grown, more exotic destinations are featuring in the list of top places to visit in Asia. In this post we have discussed about few such places for our readers.

  • China – China was known to the western world for many centuries and yet most parts of it remained unexplored till date.  Mysteries and secrets have shrouded China until recently. But today visitors can explore some of the most inaccessible parts of the country as a part of their Asian adventure holidays package.
  • Cambodia – Popular both for adventure holidays and leisure trips Cambodia is the next big thing of Asia’s tourism. Quaint landscapes that hide and preserved secrets of many centuries allure travelers to choose the off beaten tracks.
  • Malaysia – Apart from the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is also endowed with unparallel scenic beauty.  A visit to Genting Highlands or Penang Hills will make you change your perceived notions of Malaysia.
  • Myanmar – Importance of Myanmar in word tourism map is growing steadily. For many years it was a restricted land with stories of political oppression. The exotic locations of Myanmar are now attracting many tourists from all parts of the world.
  • Thailand – Thailand is known to the western world for many reasons; one of those being tourism.  Perhaps, it is currently the most popular tourist hub in south-east Asia as affordable destination.

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