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China can boast about being the seat of one of the earliest civilizations known to mankind. With a history that spanned over 5000 years, it is undoubtedly a country with rich cultural heritage. In ancient time China enjoyed flourishing commercial relationship with the West. European merchants used to export silk, spices and artifacts from China. It also experienced colonial rule under British Empire. Afterwards, rise of communism had distanced China from the west for many years. The situation however has now changed and once again avenues for cultural and commercial exchanges have been paved between China and the rest of the world.

As a part of renewed relationship tourism has grown steadily in the recent time. Accessing and travelling to China is no longer difficult as before and the government too has taken a positive stand in promoting tourism in the country. In 2012, estimated earnings from tourism rose to CNY 2,570 billion, which was 14% more than the figures of the previous year. The rise was apparent in both inbound and outbound tourism. In the same year revenue generated from inbound tourism reached $50.028 billion.

Factors that have promoted tourism in China

One of the greatest factors that promoted tourism in China is political stability. Chinese economy now is one of the most open economies enjoying large volume of foreign trade.  This has improved both country’s GDP and overall lifestyle of people.

Number of English speaking population has increased and number of tourist desks and information centers offering multilingual services to foreign tourist has increased.

Overall improvement in country’s infrastructure and flight network has made travelling to china faster and smoother.

The government has become more lenient with visa restrictions and special emphasis has been given in improving overall safety standards for tourists.

China holiday packages

China holiday packages are designed to capture the heart and soul of this exotic nation.  With a rich history spanning over 5000 years culture remains the soul of these tour packages. Chinese people are more enthusiastic about showcasing their rich heritage to the travelers than before and for that reason, many of the Asia group tours concentrate around offering a glimpse of Chinese tradition and culture that has remained unaffected for many years.

Popularity of china is growing steadily as a destination for cultural, nature and adventure tourism. As tourism is growing more new destinations are coming up to allure tourists such as – Hukou Waterfall, which has been opened to outside tourists for the first time.

The first tourism law of the country

China also recently got its first tourism law, which has laid down new sets of rules for tour operators to follow. It is expected that the law will support balanced growth in tourism in the country.

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