Upcoming Adventure Holiday Destination: Cambodia

Cambodia is becoming the next big thing in the map of adventure tourism. As demand for adventure holidays have increased Cambodia has opened its exotic locations for western tourists to take plunge in its rich heritage and traditions.  Its exotic landscape and scenic beauty had remained hidden from the world because of political upheaval. And, it is only after 1990 when the country gained some political stability it opened its doors for tourists.  Since then there has been no looking back.

Cambodia was once influenced by Hinduism and Buddhism and relics from that period are strewn across the length of the country. Angkor Wat, a colossal cluster of Hindu and Buddhist temples, which features into the new list of seven heritage sites of the world, is located here.  For visitors Cambodia presents a glimpse of an era and heritage that survived for thousands years before the advent of modern civilization.

Adventure holiday in exotic location

Time has changed; people now want a vacation with a thrill and for that reason, popularity of places that are difficult to reach and mostly unexplored have risen steadily.  Cambodia instantly became a hit among adventure seeking tourists when its gates were finally thrown open to the world. Supported by political stability and steadying economy it soon featured in top tourist destinations of Asia.

Adventure tourism, which has recently become a craze, is about travelling to exotic and remote destinations, sometimes hostile, for different kind of experience and thrill. Sometimes visiting some such destinations require special skills and surviving techniques. Cambodia fits most aptly into the definition.

When it comes to adventure holidays, Cambodia has lots to offer. A major part of the country is still covered in impregnable forest, mostly unexplored, and flora and fauna that is typical to this land. One can visit the hinterlands of the country to villages where the people still practices a lifestyle that is thousands of years old. Cambodia is a combination of natural and manmade wonders. Here once resided a flourishing civilization, much before modern European settlers come to this land. Many of its relics and ruins are hidden in the thick jungle and travelers can stumble upon one of these temples during their visits.

Aside exotic locations, adventure sports like kayaking, biking, trekking, dirt biking, angling, scuba diving, and river trips are to name a few adventure sports that are popular with tourists during their holidays in Cambodia.

Future of adventure holidays

Tourism now plays an important role in Cambodia’s national economy. Asia nature adventure holidays to the hinterlands of the country have improved scopes for cultural exchange with the outer world. Forget about luxury and plush hotels, tourists are now keener on undertaking extreme physical and mental strain to travel the tracks that haven’t been chosen before.

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