Planning a vacation to Malaysia

The list of top vacationing destinations to Asia would be incomplete without a mention of Malaysia. Attraction of Malaysia grew with its popularity as thriving Asian business hub. The small country receives thousands of foreign visitors every year and offers a hoard of attractions for all. Asia is a land of diversities and it can be best experienced in Malaysia which is a microcosm of the continent. In this country, history and modernity have coexisted for many years and glimpse of its glorious past are dotting the entire length of the country. Travelers visiting the country are always known to carry favorable memories of the place. A perfect blend of culture, tradition, cuisine and luxury makes Malaysia worth selecting for your next vacation.

Highlights of Malaysia

Holidays in Malaysia promises of some excitement for every type of visitors. A luxury holiday seeker, honeymooning couple, adventure sports lover or backpackers – all can find perfect destinations and activities to reveal their Malaysian holidays to the fullest. The list of things one can do in Malaysia is quite long. However, some of those are mentioned below.

Perhaps the most famous structure of Malaysia is the twin tower or Petronas Tower. An architectural wonder that rivals some of the most sought architectures of modern time of the west. The tower allows only 900 visitors a day and so one must reach there early in the morning to book their slot.

Genting Highlands is a must visit for all as it offers a hoard of activities and excitements. It is the only place in Malaysia where gambling is legal and features large casinos.

Penang Hill is one of the most picturesque destinations and ideal for day’s excursion. It is the highest point of the island and the entire island can be seen lying at its foot from the top. It’s about one hour journey from Kuala Lumpur by air. Make sure to buy tickets in advance. From here one can also travel to Georgetown which is just about six kilometers from Penang.  If one wants to plan just a weekend trip within Asia Penang can offer a relaxing holiday for them.

Visiting to Melaka is worth every dime spent. A place with rich colonial legacy is a splendid spot to relive its rich cultural diversity. The place contains architectures from periods belonged to the sultans and later to the Portuguese colony. Many relics of the past dot its landscape like – Porta de Santiago Fortress that was built by Portuguese settlers to protect the colony from outside attacks.

Malaysia is a favorite tourist destination for all types of visitors. Hospitable, mild climate throughout the year helped its round the year tourist season.  Explore this diverse land by planning your next vacation here.

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