Perfect Garden Structures For Spring

No matter what the size or style of your garden and yard, you can probably find the perfect spot for a garden structure.  Garden structures add both decoration and function to your landscaping scheme.  They can create a backdrop for a garden, supply a structure for climbing plants and provide garden guests an opportunity to rest and enjoy the views.  There are so many options when it comes to garden structures that it may take some time for you to determine which you like best.  Consider the following options that may accent your yard and garden perfectly: garden sheds, greenhouse, arbors and trellises, and potting benches.

Both arbors and trellises often provide a structure for climbing plants and vines.  While trellises can stand out in the open, they are most often attached to a building such as the house, garage or shed and are simply there to display climbing plants.  Arbors, on the other hand, are used as doorways or passages between the front and back yard or different sections of the garden.  They come in many styles but all have the two sides and a roof overhead.

Besides garden sheds, which are used for tool and equipment storage, potting benches offer a beautiful and functional place to work on your container garden.  Consider what you might want in a bench such as height, shelves and storage.  Potting benches come in various materials including wood, metal and vinyl to showcase your home and style.

Gazebos are probably the largest and most solid of all garden structures.  They often stand alone in the midst of a garden and offer seating and of roof to keep visitors comfortable as they enjoyed the outdoors.  Pergolas are very similar to gazebos but are usually open on all sides and are often attached to the house or a deck.

All of these structures and more can be found at shops in many sizes and styles.  You may be tempted to simply buy what you find to be the most attractive, but there are other considerations as well.  For example, seating in gazebo and pergolas must be sturdy and comfortable.  Trellises and arbors designed to support vines or climbing plants must be able to withstand the weight of grown plants and not just for the first year.  Once a plant begins to cover a trellis, it is almost impossible to replace it if it breaks.

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