Why to choose carbonless form printing?

Non-carbon copy paper comes in very handy in offices, banks, hospitals and any other institution where keeping copies of most of the paperwork is required. That is why professional companies that provide printing in Miami offer carbonless form printing as well among their range of services.


NCR – no carbon required – paper is an ecological and much more practical alternative to the classic carbon paper that doctors, for instance, used for a long time when writing prescriptions. Receipts, minutes, official reports, these are only a few examples of documents that clerks, MDs, officers and many other employees of public or private institutions have to fill in at least two copies. There are, of course, photocopiers, but it can be really inconvenient and time consuming, not to mention more expensive, to make a duplicate of each paper written by customers and employees with a copy machine. It is much simpler to benefit from the carbonless form printing services offered by professional companies that specialize in printing in Miami.


As against carbon paper, which has a layer of dry ink on one side, bound with a polymer-based coat, carbon free paper has a layer of micro-encapsulated ink or of reactive clay or both, in the case of intermediate sheets. While carbon paper is placed between two sheets of regular paper so that, when you are writing on the one on top, the one below is written as well because the layer of dye on the carbon paper is pressed, carbonless sheets are simply placed one on top of the other; the layer of clay on the one below reacts with the ink on the one on top, and that is how you can write on two sheets at once. Companies that specialize in printing in Miami offer carbonless form printing as well because they know it is a very convenient alternative for their customers.


Additionally to these facts, carbonless forms require less archive space than carbon paper and, much more importantly, depending on the chemical products that are used to create the layers, they are more easily recycled. Moreover, choosing carbonless form printing can be considered an ecological alternative from a second point of view: instead of wasting electricity and numerous other consumables by making duplicates with a photocopier, you can have the necessary documents easily copied mechanically. Financially, it is certainly more convenient to order such forms from a company that provides high-quality printing in Miami than purchasing and maintaining a copy machine.


All you need to do is order a series of carbonless forms from a company that specializes in printing in Miami; your employees and customers will only have to fill in the printed forms once and copies of your documents will be produced without any other effort. A professional and reliable printing company will definitely provide carbonless form printing among their services. As long as you are clear about what you want and you create your templates respecting the guidelines given by the printing company as well, you will not have to worry about the copies of all those receipts, reports or prescriptions anymore.

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