Important Safety Tips for a Construction Site

A large number of fatal accidents are reported on the construction site that leads to injuries. Various people such as laborers, co workers, passers-by and many more are involved in these accidents and if proper first aid is not provided they may even die. Below written is a list of causes due to which these accidents happen and the ways to avoid them.

An important cause of injury among the truck drivers or equipment operators is the frequent getting on and off the machine. Therefore while getting on a machine, gloves and boots should be checked and if they are muddy, all the mud should be removed from them. Always use a large size of foot and hand holder as this will help in securing a good grip.

While loading or unloading of different type of equipments, there is a risk that the machine might roll over therefore make sure that the machine is standing straight on the ground and is not on a ramp. People should stay away from the machine while the process of loading or unloading is taking place.

Extra people should not crowd the work area. People must stay at a distance from the machine operating area. Workers who are operating the machines should warn the people before they start with their work so that no injuries are reported.

Machines that have large swing radius are also involved in on-site accidents. Such accidents are generally fatal therefore it is important to secure the swing area of the machine. No spectator should be allowed to enter this area unless it is very urgent.

When the machines are operated on hilly area extra care should be taken and the machine must not be allowed to stand on a slopes. Limits of the system should be known and enough surface area should be allowed. Pulling or pushing of the machine should not be done when on a slope.

Machine operators must be well aware of the underground utilities such as sewer, water pipes. Telecom or electrical lines and the obstructions that lies overhead. The overhead lines must be clearly marked. Caution should be taken while digging the earth.

Reversing the machine without looking back can also be a cause of accident therefore while in reverse motion, the back alarms are necessary. Operator need to be sure that nothing is behind him while reversing. A spotter can also helps in guiding the driver.

A machine operator should always use the seat belt. This helps in decreasing the bounce that a person might experience in the machine. In case the machine tip, seat belt always come to the rescue.

Moving bulkier material can be difficult at times. A crane can lose its balance while moving heavy material therefore people should stay away from the operating bulkier machines. Lifting of load over people should also be avoided.

Various serious accidents can happen if a person tries to do multi functioning with a single machine therefore the above written tips should be kept in mind so that the workers and other people in the vicinity can be kept safe.

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