Online Success for Local Businesses: SoMuchSavings Reaches Out to Partner with Local Businesses to Provide Consumers with Greater Options for Shopping and Saving Online

(PRWEB) December 23, 2013

Online Success for Local Businesses | is reaching out to local businesses to provide e-commerce opportunities – ones that can open the door to online sales via the expanded “Add a Local Vendor” platform.

Online success for local businesses involves more than just featuring some products on a company website and adding a shopping cart. The key is in understanding how to reach consumers and then attract them to a website to make a purchase.

Small businesses operate on limited budgets and often do not have the resources to engage all of the tools and techniques used by their larger competitors. Marketing alone requires a significant level of expertise to go along with the ability to fund the expense of advertising and public relations campaigns. is a saving and giving resource that is helping businesses and charitable organizations capitalize on what CEO David Capo refers to as a new era of consumer-directed corporate profit and philanthropic outreach.

One of the things we focus on is educating companies in the art of leveraging the immense power of e-commerce, which has revolutionized buying and selling around the world, without having to deal with the traditional barriers to doing business, said Capo. It used to require deep experience and significant expense to market a companys products or services, but the Internet has changed the rules and opened the door wide to any business, large or small.

According to Capo, consumers now wield considerable influence thanks to the power of the Internet. While price remains the primary motivator for consumers looking to save money, its not the only factor in a shoppers buying decision.

We believe that if people can save money on a purchase while also helping others at the same time, theyll want to do so, he said. Thats the principle behind the Saving to Support system of SoMuchSavings.

Saving to Support means that connects thousands of vendors with consumers looking to shop, save and support charities online. Charities can partner with to create their own customized online portal through which its supporters can shop for goods and services. When a consumer completes a transaction through the SoMuchSavings platform, a portion of that purchase is returned to the charity as a donation.

There is no charge to the charity to participate. The opportunity for non-profit organizations, causes and projects to raise funds is ongoing as long as their supporters continue to return to their site to shop and save on everyday purchases. When they do, they automatically generate donations to their preferred charity.

Companies looking to do business online can become a part of the SoMuchSavings system through the Add a Local Vendor option.

We have a program in place to review the products and services of any business, large or small, said Capo. Once a business is included in the system, they will automatically be connected to consumers around the world who come to to shop and save on behalf of their preferred charity.

Businesses interested in becoming a vendor with SoMuchSavings are encouraged to visit or contact the company directly at info(at)somuchsavings(dot)com.


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