Double Cream Blue Cheese, not the ideal one for red wine

Increasing fondness for cheese:

The variety of cheese available today is more than mere mind-boggling. It is incredible how different flavors have been infused over the years to bring about the best cheese man has in the past and will ever taste in the future. Known to be an essential part many interesting cuisines, there are way too many varieties of cheese to suit your palate. One amongst these is the Double Cream Blue Cheese.

The Blue Cheese:

The fusion of the blue mould and cheese has been well received by one and all. They blend in perfectly well wherein every slice of this cheese has the perfect balance of the creaminess without ignoring the blue mould. The taste of this cheese is majorly dependent on the interesting pattern along with the unique blue mould. The prickly taste of the blue mould along with creaminess of the cheese just melts in your mouth without you realizing.

To go with it:

Considering the creaminess and intensity of the Double Cream Blue Cheese, it is not the ideal one to go with red wine. Selecting the right wine with the cheese enhances the taste of both to another level altogether. The perfect combination with this creamy cheese is the late harvest wine. The freshness of this wine blends amazingly well with the sharpness of the cheese. Grapes are other add-ons that also blend well.

It’s not sufficient to have the right drink with your cheese, but the choice of food makes a lot of difference. Those that perfectly blend with the creamy blue cheese include bread, figs, grapes and honey. Anything that mellows the strong taste of the blue cheese is an ideal pairing. Most often people tend to ignore the sharpness as such the flavor of the food is subdued with that of the blue cheese.

Alike yet different:

There are many cheeses that are similar to the Double Cream Blue Cheese. These include the Extra Creamy Danish Blue, Jersey Blue and Traditional Danish Blue. As evident not all blue cheeses are the same. Each of them differ in taste and appearance however there is a high possibility of confusion.

Get your own cheese:

Today the availability of cheese is not restricted whatsoever. You will be surprised how your nearby supermarket has a wide variety of cheese including blue cheese. Thanks to the popularity and continuous demand for cheese, the traders are ensuring regular supply to match demand.

Acquire a taste:

All our palates are accustomed to cheese, however blue cheese is very peculiar and not many people would want to have it often. This is primarily because of incorrect pairing of food and drink. The creaminess of this blue cheese cannot be forgotten once eaten. The perfect pairing makes it even more enjoyable. From salads to hardcore dishes, blue cheese can be used in absolutely any dish. Prepare a cheesy dish for friends and family with the exquisite and delicious Double Cream Blue Cheese for all to remember today.

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