Cream Flavour Cheese blends well with Apple Cider

About the cheese:

Jersey blue is a very unique cheese. It is nothing more than raw Jersey’s cow’s milk fused with blue mould. This cheese has an extremely strong smell due to the fermentation process in the cellar however once it is cut; it is surprisingly tangy and clean. The fusion of the blue mould takes close to ten weeks. This period is very crucial for every blue cheese as the blue mold is expected to spread on the surface and penetrate into the cheese, evenly. The buttery texture of this cheese is very addictive whereby one cannot stop with a single bite. Its consistency is another attribute that cannot be overlooked. With great levels of energy in every slice and applicability of this cheese in different dishes, its popularity has only risen over the years.

Get the right match:

Often the taste of the cheese is lost due to the incorrect match or pairing. This Cream Flavour Cheese blends well with Apple Cider. Its freshness and tanginess is just about right to enhance the creaminess of the Jersey Blue. It is very important to know which drink will go well with your cheese. Apart from the Apple Cider, you can bite into apples, grapes, pickled onions and even toasted bagels. They go well with this cheese. White wines such as Gewurztraminer and Riesling are best paired with the unique Jersey Blue. Red wine Brunello and dessert wine Vin Santo are also the perfect accompaniments. Jersey Blue is highly used in cooking as it just melts like cream, adding creaminess and a tangy flavor to the dish.

Appear the same:

Creamy Blue and Extra Creamy Danish Blue are other Cream Flavour Cheese. Each of them differs in composition of the blue mould and other ingredients. Cheese in itself is very comforting to the palate; in this the additional creaminess brought about by the Jersey cow milk is a blessing in disguise. There is nothing better than a cheese that jus melts in your mouth, looks fabulous and has a lingering aroma.


Apart from its interesting pairings, applicability of this Cream Flavour Cheese in cooking makes it much in demand. People can not only eat it with side nibbles but use it in various dishes. Bake it or cook it, simply enhance your existing dish with the addition of the jersey blue cheese.

Where can you find Jersey Blue:

All the blue cheese lovers can find Jersey Blue in their nearby supermarkets. The strong smell and creamy texture attracts one and all. Pair it either with red meat or a sweet pastry, this cheese seems to get along with any side or main. If you haven’t eaten blue cheese before, try the Jersey Blue for its creaminess and smooth texture is truly like no other. Made in a mould, the shape of the Cream Flavour Cheese is that of a unique dome, one bite of this dome will leave you craving for more and before you know it, you’ve eaten it all.
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