Double cream cheese, popular for its high moisture content

Rich and yummy:

This cheese is very appealing to the naked eye. The pureness of white along with the smooth cream texture just makes you want to buy it in one glance. Made using traditional cheese making techniques, there is no modern equipment involved in making the Double Cream Cheese. Often the terms double cream and triple cream are associated with cheese. These terms play a huge role in its composition. The percentage of butterfat determines the association of cheese to these terms. The double cream one usually has butterfat composition close to 60- 75% whereas a triple cream cheese has a composition of over 75%. This is in addition to the general idea about the composition or proportion of the creamy texture and flavor. The variations depend on the makers and also on the age. As the cheese ages, the moisture content reduces and Double Cream Cheese is very popular for its high moisture content that helps its stay soft and creamy.

The perfect match:

There is nothing better or more perfect than Chablis to go with the Double Cream Cheese. The combination of smoked salmon along with bagels or toasted muffins goes well with this cheese. Interesting wraps can be made with cream cheese. There is a whole list of bread that goes well aswell. It is simple and tasty at the same time. The right pairing is very important when it comes to cheese, wherein it can either ruin the taste completely or elevate it to a different level. Cream cheese is also used widely in cheesecakes. Cheesecakes are loved by all and what better than the infusion of a double or triple cream cheese in it. The texture and softness of the cheesecake is majorly driven by the amount of cream cheese in it. Apart from being cooked, cream cheese can just be eaten with different fruits like chilled apple slices and also with the readily available plain or flavored crackers.

Similar ones

Those cheeses that are as close as the creamy white in appearance include the Tickler Cheddar and Pineapple Halo. Cheese and pineapple is an unmatched combination, the fusion is not appealing to the eye alone but to the palate. Tickler cheddar on the other hand is carefully nurtured for a period of 18 months and goes well with red wine. Despite the texture and appearance, these cheeses taste different and are paired with different drinks and foods.

Select as per requirement:

Though every cheese on the shelf looks appealing, one should be sure of the cheese you want to purchase. Creamy white cheese has many applications however ensuring whether it is double or triple cream cheese that you want are important aspects to consider. Creamy cheese goes well with just about anything. It looks beautiful and tastes heavenly. Buy one today and make an interesting wrap or simply eat it with sips of Chardonnay or Chablis. There are numerous traders of Double Cream Cheese today as such finding the right one is never a difficulty.

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