Kahvakuulat and Other Weightlifting Equipment

The matter of whether kahvakuulat or käsipainot are more efficient in a weightlifting training has been disputed for the past few years, ever since kettlebells have been introduced to the world of fitness and sports. However, studies have shown that both of these instruments are useful, but each of them comes with different benefits. A complete training should include both of them for long-lasting results.


When you want to build a perfectly sculpted body, you have to make a thorough plan because the best results can only be achieved through hard work and perseverance. In this case, this means that you are going to need not only a healthy lifestyle, but also a very thorough training. Building muscles is something that can be achieved by everyone, as long as they work those muscles out every day. But that does not mean pushing against the wall ten times a day. No, you need to lift, do push-ups, pull-ups and many other exercises. And, above everything else, you need to add a little bit of challenge to your training.


Weights are a simple, yet efficient way to make your workout pay off the effort. You can start with your own level, even if this might be with the lightest type of weights. What is important is to complete your training and not get fatigued before reaching your every-day target. After you feel comfortable with one weight, you can add a little bit of more challenge and therefore improve your strength and resistance step by step.


For this type of training, both the popular kahvakuulat and the traditional käsipainot can be used. They are beneficial for your workout, but their benefits are different and none can be considered better than the other. While kettlebells are used to combine cardio fitness with flexibility and strength, dumbbells are better for toning up your body and maximizing strength. A study that has been carried out at the University of California has proven that after 6 weeks of training, the people who were using käsipainot to train maximized their squat with 14 percent on an average, while the ones training with kettlebells boosted with only 5 percent.


Therefore, it can be concluded that dumbbells are better for building muscle power, but burning fat can be done more efficiently using kettlebells. A complex training can include them both. In fact, specialists actually recommend varying your training routine. This way, you can train every day in a different way, using another set of exercises, different workout equipment and focusing on other muscular group. This helps you avoid fatigue and shape your body in a balanced way with results that are going to last. Keep in mind however that once you commit yourself to this kind of lifestyle, you will have to stick to it if you want to see long-term results.

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