Diamond ring settings: Your options in ring stylizing

Diamonds are said to be a girl’s best friends, which is the reason why diamonds, the king of all stones are most used in women jewelry. The symbol of elegance and class, diamond rings are considered to be the best show of style and glamour. However, aside the quality and carat of stone, what makes a ring aesthetically mesmerizing is the diamond ring settings style. How a center stone is places, the way in which the rest of the smaller stones are inlaid, etc. determine the beauty of the piece. In fact, setting is so important that the diamond wedding bands are priced on the basis of the how much the setting compliments the beauty of the ring. Here’re some setting techniques that you can choose for your ring:

Prong Setting
This is the most typical stone setting seen in solitaire rings of contemporary design. The rings in this case have four or six pointed projections that secure the stone in place. The prongs that look like wires are normally made of gold or platinum, the material of the rest of the ring. In a princess-cut stone ring, the prong-style diamond ring settings are designed to lock the stone from all the four corners. The best thing about prong-style diamond wedding bands is that the setting holds the stone up making it all the more prominent.

Bezel Setting
The bezel diamond ring settings secure the stone best by encasing it in its place. This setting also inches the stone higher than it is by projecting it upward. Though very simple, it adds another dimension to the stone which is aesthetically enhancing. Aside, it also makes the stone look much bigger than it originally is.

Flush Setting
Only the best sense of style can appreciate this particular diamond ring settings technique. Very simple, this one is an easy job even for the designer as it only requires them to sink the stone to the bezel of the ring until it is the same level as the case underneath. Flush style diamond setting is popular among people who find prongs too weak to hold the stone in place for long.

Cluster Setting
When a lot of stones has to be set one after the other in a cluttered pattern resembling a flower, it is called the cluster setting. Diamond wedding bands have this kind of settings along the hoop where multiple small diamonds are to be inlaid in series. The stones are cluttered in tight pattern to create an abstract design.

Pavé Setting
This diamond ring settings technique involves covering the surface with very small diamonds. The setting produces a glitter that adds detail to the beauty. Though a time-consuming method, it is a money-saving way of adding the glitter of diamonds to jewel piece without using real diamonds. Dusts of diamonds are used for detailing and it involves a particular style of setting.

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