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You might have to invest days to get a consultation form a beauty specialist, to get your manicure pedicure at home done or you might even have to invest hours seated in a beauty salon to get these done for you.


Here a very simple and effective way in which you can do both fingernail cutting and house pedicure at house all by yourself.


Steps to do manicure pedicure at home


  • Take a pure cotton football and dip it with some fingernail cleaner. Then rub it on your claws to get all your old shines eliminated.
  • Now clean your arms with a light soap
  • Now cut or shape your claws according to your wish.
  • Soak your fingers in heated h2o and detergent. The detergent should be the one with moisturiser. This will make softer the cuticles and releases the dust below your claws. Dry out your arms after a few minutes.
  • Then eliminate the dust from your claws. See that your claws are elegant and looks fresh.
  • Force the cuticles returning with a keep. You can also cut the cuticles, but by doing so you may encourage attacks too. So be cautious.
  • Now hydrate carefully your arms and cuticles. Do this using a excellent cream and take your time to do so. This step is very soothing.
  • Try to be very cautious while implementing fingernail enhance. Try to use even swings and take don’t be in a rush. After the first cover gets dry implement the next cover for more glows. To add the extra sparkle, a third cover will complete the job.
  • Do not touch anything before your claws get completely dry.


You are complete with your Manicure now.


Now the turn comes for Pedicure


Doing house pedicure at house is also very simple. All you have to do is only follow these simple actions.


  • Dip you in hot water, including up a few falls of dettol or some other anti-bacterial and a touch of bleach.
  • Clean your toe claws with a firm scrubber or a sweep. You can also use a pumice rock to rub out the hard scalp or your cures. Don’t cut them off.
  • Massage you with a excellent foot cream that also has chilling effects. do not be in a rush while rubbing.
  • Then implement follicle cream on the cuticles.
  • Move returning the cuticles carefully with a keep drizzled with follicle cleaner. But don’t cut them off.
  • Cut your claws in a directly line and then sleek the sides with a fingernail data file.
  • Place pure cotton made of wool shields in between your claws. Now put a light shaded fingernail enhances. You can implement two layers but don’t forget to implement the second cover after the first one gets dry up.


These were some very simple guidelines which will help you to do manicure pedicure at home without any problems.

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