Buying the Best Diamond Engagement Ring: Understanding Four Salient Aspects

Diamond jewelry has always been in the fashion mainstream. People have liked to adorn themselves with these precious and glittering gemstones since time immemorial. The wedding jewelry makers have rightly cashed on time-honored popularity of these precious stones and they are coming you with innovative designs to becharm the prospective customers. If you are looking for diamond engagement rings or wedding rings, search for companies that can offer you with a plethora of designs. Keep in mind that engagement rings are design-wise different from the rings that are used during performing wedding rites. Once you have found a store that sells engagement rings to targeted customers, you have to check the quality of the products they sell. For evaluating the quality of a diamond engagement ring, you have to pay particular attention to the four salient aspects, cut, clarity, color and carat. Read on to find more about these 4 C’s.


Cut of a diamond highly depends on the aesthetic sense and skillfulness of a gemstone shaping artist. The cut of any gemstone determines it market success. If the diamond is not cut correctly, the light will not be coruscated, and the diamond will look lackluster from all sides. Experienced diamond makers know how to cut the diamond so that it reflects light from all sides. Inconsistency in design may spoil the appearance of the ring and the gemstone itself. The cut also defines the diamond shape. Most diamonds are round-shaped, whereas princess-cut, oval and pear-shaped diamonds are also available.


Assessing the clarity of the design is also important. You should look at diamond engagement rings with a small magnifying glass (typically used by jewelers) and search for inclusions. Inclusions, also known as ‘nature’s fingerprints’, are invisible to the naked eye. However, inclusions largely affect the brightness and the clarity of the diamond. These lesser number of inclusions are, the brighter the diamond would be. Just keep in mind that all natural diamonds come with inclusions, either more or less.



The most expensive diamonds are white (i.e. 100% colorless). Engagement ring manufacturers classify the white diamonds in group D and the grading system descends to Z. As you might assume, D is truly a class apart. All other diamonds are graded between E to Z. You can find pink diamonds and other kinds of diamonds easily in stores.


Diamond weight measurement unit is carat. One carat equals to 200 milligrams. An average diamond used in a wedding or invitation ring is weighed somewhere between 0.5 and 1 carat (or 100 and 200 mgs). However, you can also find diamond engagement rings that come with a higher carat.

If you are shopping diamonds online, look for diamonds that are certified by Gemological Institute of America Inc (GIA). You can find retailer and manufacturer websites that assure the quality of products by providing GIA certification with each product they sell. If it’s a diamond engagement ring you are going to buy, do not compromise on quality.

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