Inform Yourself Prior to Purchasing Antioxidant Drinks

Antioxidants have been garnering a substantial amount of attention in the media and within the medical communities over the last few years. As more research results are being released about the health benefits of antioxidants, we are seeing more and more products propping up on our grocery store shelves that are claiming to be “rich-in antioxidants” or “fortified with powerful antioxidants”, especially antioxidant drinks such as juices and smoothies. But not all of these products are created equally, and very few are made with the wholesome and natural ingredients.

With this promising research being done it is no wonder that a plethora of eager businesses are hoping to hop onto the antioxidant product and antioxidant drink bandwagon. But not all of these antioxidant beverages offer the benefits that they advertise.

What is the Appeal of Antioxidants In the First Place?

In large part, much of the hype is due to promising scientific research that has been underway for a number of years now. The research suggests that the chemical composition of antioxidants possess powerful preventative health properties that demonstrate an ability to hinder free-radicals (cancer-causing cells) as well as a host of other preventative health benefits. What was first greeted with skepticism as being just another health fad, the benefits of antioxidants is now well-established as being important for overall cell health. In this time, we have certainly seen a large international market develop for rich-in antioxidants products, especially antioxidant drinks.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering shopping for antioxidant-rich or “fortified” beverages as well as other antioxidant drinks.

The Best Alternative

Essentially, the most straightforward method of acquiring high-quality antioxidant drinks is to make them at home using wholesome ingredients such as acai, pomegranate, apple, and a variety of other berries, fruits, and even vegetables. Crafting juices or smoothies at home is a sure-fire way to regulate exactly what it is that is going into your drinks.

Store-bought Alternative

Making up homemade antioxidant beverages and antioxidant drinks isn’t always possible to do especially with busy schedules and the seasonal availability of many varieties of fruits and produce. When shopping for store-bought antioxidant beverages do be sure to consider the nutritional information on the back of the bottles and be especially aware of the sugar content and added sweeteners. Be sure to check the ingredients list. Be especially vary of flavoured waters that are “enhanced” with antioxidants, as it is unlikely that these products will provide you with the antioxidants that you are paying for. Instead, opt for 100% juice or juice blends. Additionally, new research may suggest that organic fruit varieties are showing a higher presence of antioxidants than non-organic varieties.

In summary

With any new health discovery, there will always be a host of companies hoping to get a slice of the market even without delivering quality goods to its consumers. Help yourself be one step ahead of the profit-seekers by doing your research on the products, checking ingredient labels, and staying up-to-date on antioxidant medical research. Doing this will make sure that you are only spending money on genuine antioxidant products, especially antioxidants drinks, putting misleading information to bed, and supporting the companies who are actively delivering a quality antioxidant drink.

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