What is yours kids daily shedule for going back to school?

Question by ????????????????????????????????: What is yours kids daily shedule for going back to school?

My kids go back to school today.

I want to now what your daily shedule is not what day your child went back.
Like what time wake up,go to school,eat dinner stuff like that.

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Answer by Kiera..x
Tuesdaii 2 !!

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10 thoughts on “What is yours kids daily shedule for going back to school?

  • December 25, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    From home to school your kids should wake up 1 1/2 hour before the time when to go to school. From school to home it should be 30 min. after the last period of the afternoon because it might go somewhere creepy. The Day is Monday.

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  • December 25, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    It is labor day in america .no school.
    My kids eat breakfast watch a small bit of tv,brush their teeth,get dressed,they visit with each other and watch some tv.I like to ask them if their is any projects coming up for them or what are some of the exciting things they have been doing in school.

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  • December 25, 2013 at 6:32 pm

    It really depends on how far you live from their school. I usually allow 1 hour before school for teeth and breakfast. So I wake them at 7 and leave for school at 8. Then after school they have a snack and do their homework. then they play until dinner at 6. After dinner they do chores. Then they can play until 7 thirty, when we have warm milk and a cookie while listening to a story. Then teeth and bed at 8. I put them to bed and they both have CD players so they listen to their favorite music while they fall asleep. Because I put on music, they’re more likely to stay in bed.

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  • December 25, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    Our son will go to school Tuesday 9/2. He has to be at the bus at 8:30 and back home by 4pm. What we HOPE to do is the following: Up by 7:30, eat breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth. Also, our son has to take medication and do leg exercises for JRA, then it is down to the bus. Our daughter is in PM kindergarten, so we will have to do the same thing at 11:45 for her. Once home at 4pm, while the weather is still nice, I will let them play outside till about 6pm. Have dinner at the table and then maybe back out for a little while. By 7:30 they are both the be in the shower/tub. We hope to have that done by 8pm, so they have half hour of time with us or book reading. 8:30 is lights out! Once homework starts, their afternoon playtime will be cut to about 5pm., depending on the amount they have. We are talking 2nd grade and kindergarten so it should be enough time. Good luck with the new school year! I am so not ready for this. We also have a 3 month old to add to the mix of craziness 🙂

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  • December 25, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    I home school so my kid works at her on pace on her own time, which usually starts at 7am til noon.

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  • December 25, 2013 at 8:09 pm

    I’ve just started back up at school and it was so much work getting back up into a routine. Me and my little sister Grace wake up at seven, dress, eat, brush our teeth and hair. That takes us to eight and then we go to school. I walk her to kindergarten then take myself off to high school for half eight because my dad’s a Colonel and works on Wright-Patterson base so he can’t.
    Grace’s school day actually finishes and half 12 so I get her during my lunch break and take her home. I have lunch at home then go back to school while our neighbor looks after Grace.
    I get home at about 4 and get Grace. We have a snack and do homework before our dad gets back at 5. After five, Grace is allowed to play in the backyard or on the base, and I’m allowed to hang out with my friends until six. At six we have dinner then have a chat to dad to tell him about our day.
    We always call our elder brother Jack- normally about half 6 to 7- as he’s in Colorado at the USAF Academy. After that Grace is allowed to watch TV or play until eight. At eight she has a bath and goes to bed by the latest of nine. I have a shower or bath at about nine and then I’m allowed up until half ten. At half ten I have to go to bed and be asleep by eleven at the latest.
    My dad comes in to check on us at whatever time to make sure we’re both ok, then the routine starts again the next morning!

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  • December 25, 2013 at 9:15 pm

    Leave n hour in the morning for them to get ready. so they don’t have to rush

    Depending age … and what time it starts I am a child when i was in first to 5th
    My dad woke us up we got showered brushed are teeth ate walked to school When we came home my mother enforced us to do are school work first thing. No matter what we said or did she would sit their and help if needed.

    6th 8th grade Mother woke us up in the morning around 6am got showered, dressed, ate went left at 6:48 to go to the bus stop (alone) came home she enforced us to do are home work and tried to help as much as she could if needed same with dad (now)

    9-12 (10th right now)

    We wake are self up (or i get up take shower for 30 mins wake brother) get dressed eat brush teeth Go to bus stop (alone) get home do are homework while watching tv in or in the back room. (Parents helped if needed)

    For starters if your child is young Make them go in their back room have it quite so they can concentrate sit all the kids down help them with their home work giving a positive attitude (don’t say negative words) Depending on your child it could take the whole year to get them to do their homework after coming home or maybe 5.

    Try also not to help them to much or they will be like oh my mom will give me the answer or dad i don’t have to do this. Let them figure it out first then go back and review them see if they are right. If they are wrong go back and help them figure it out.

    -edit- If they can’t figure the answer out when you sit with them Try to help them break it down or use objects like pens or pencils if they are trying to time or count it will help

    Also give them a reward if they do their work when the come home right away give them a reward arranging if they want to take a break in the middle for 30 mins to n hour and have to come right back that way they can watch a tv show. and you can prepare a meal or get it started.

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  • December 25, 2013 at 9:58 pm

    My kid started school last week this is their first year so I am still wroking on the fine points but we have been getting them up at 6:30 they get dressed eat breakfast while I make their lunch. Then we go to the bus stop the bus runs arround 7:20. After school they get off the bus at 2:45 I usually let them play for about an hour then it is time for a snack and homework. Then they are free to play again until about 8 when we eat dinner and then bath time and I try to get them in bed arround 9 because they like to watch a movie while they go to sleep.

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  • December 25, 2013 at 10:36 pm

    Now MY schedule in the school year which luckily starts wednesday is:

    4:30am-I wake up
    4:45-5:00 I eat breakfast, Pack the kids’ lunches
    5:00-Take shower
    5:15-Iron the younger kids clothes
    5:20-I call my younger kids school to notify that they are both coming in
    5:25-Make sure my 5 & 4 year old have all their supplies & lunches in their bags.
    5:30-I go for a Jog around the block
    5:45- I return from the Jog
    5:50-Prepare my 13 y/o breakfast
    6:00-13 year old wakes up
    She does her stuff in the bathroom
    6:05-She comes out, eats breakfast
    6:15-She takes a shower,gets dressed,combs hair
    6:20-She takes her vitamins,all of her allergy & breathing medicine
    6:25-She rides her bike to get her powered up
    6:30-Her ride arrives,she’s at school
    8:45-9 y/o wakes up, Eats breakfast, then bathes
    9:00-9 year old gets picked up by bus
    9:30-5 year old & 4 year old wakes up
    9:35-9:55-Girls eat breakfast, watch T.V
    10:00-5 year old girl goes in bath, 4 year old watches Cartoons
    10:15-5 year old girl gets out, gets dressed, put her hair in pigtails
    10:30-4 year old goes in bath
    10:45-4 year old gets dressed,does hair
    11:00-Girls get picked up by Bus
    11:15-I drive to work
    2:00-I return from work
    2:35-13 year old returns
    2:45-4:00-13 y/o does homework, depending on amount
    3:00-9 year old returns from school, i help him with homework
    3:15-5 & 4 year old return, i help them with homework, they have snack
    3:20-5 & 4 year old goes and play in playroom
    3:30-9 year old usually finishes homework, goes into playroom
    3:35-I help 13 year old with any homework
    3:45- My 5 year old gets picked up to go to Cheer Practice
    4:00-13 year old usually finishes homework
    4:15-She goes to friends house until 5:00
    5:00-I call 13 year old to come home,5 year old returns,I start to prepare dinner
    5:30-Eat dinner
    6:00-Kids relax in their rooms,I clean up
    6:30-9 year old boy takes his medicine
    6:45-9 year old boy goes into playroom, plays a game
    7:00-5 & 4 year old go into bed
    7:15-13 year old reads book, plays a game with 9 year old
    7:30-9 year old goes into bed
    8:00-13 year old goes into bed
    And i have peace from there.That took a little while, but my kids actually chose this, they dont do it exactly on time,but usually around this time. Luckily, school starts wednesday.

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