Expert Treatment from Dental Implants Essendon

Smile is the simplest tool to impress people. To make the smile a bit more adorable, you have to get help from your dentists. “Smile a lot, it costs nothing” but at any cost you need to have a healthy smile. This would definitely boost your confidence level in your life. Dentists in Essendon will assist you to have a pleasant smile.

Expert treatment from Essendon Dentists

Essendon dentists can provide excellent treatment in Dental Implantation, in the first appointment you will be educated with the details about your teeth and Dentists will explain you the issues. You will be given with choices. You can select which seems fit to you.

Some details about Dental Implants

Dental Implantation can be done in several ways by considering various factors at the time of examining. They are all on 4; Bone grafting, One Vs Two stage procedure and Sinus lift.

 All on 4 – few more details

In this procedure the complete set of teeth will be replaced in both upper and lower jaw. Alternative options are available but people would go for this option as the time consumption is very less because generally people don’t wants to be without teeth for a longer period.

Bone grafting – few more details

This option can be chosen if you are not having enough bone to support implantation. To increase the support, this requires surgery in both recipient and donor sites. Donor site is the part from which the bone will be grafted, the recipient site is the place the where implantation would happen. Time should be given to the bone to bond with the new placement. Then the bone will be ready for implantation.

One Vs Two stage procedure

One stage procedure is the fastest way to get the teeth in the first appointment. Most of the people who want the implantation for their front teeth would go for one stage procedure. Benefit of one stage is less aesthetics, less pain and less surgery.  But you have to bite very carefully to avoid any issues to the implanted teeth. But this risk will diminish as the days pass because the bondage will become firm.

Two stage procedures will allow some time for Osseointergration which would be normally take 2 to 3 months. This will bond the jaw and the bone to a great extent where there would not be any need for the patient to worry about chewing hard.

Sinus Lift

This surgery is required when the sinus area is very close to the area for implantation. This surgery will ensure that the quality and quantity of bone is good at the place for implantation. This will be achieved by adding bone to make the upper jaw taller by filling the sinus area with the bone taken from other parts of the body.

All the above mentioned methods are commonly available methods in Essendon dental clinic. The best option for each one of your teeth can only be given by the dentists. So consult your dentist and choose the best option suited for you and have a pleasant and admirable smile forever.

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