Board and Care Facilities Available For the Elderly People

Board and care, as its name suggest it is a place where elderly people can board and enjoy the care. It is a non institutional home based service.  This service is offered to the elderly people who need assistance in doing their day to day activities. This service is also called as board and care homes. It is a bonus for the people who find it difficult to give personal care to the elderly, physically challenged people in their dependents list.

Facilities available for the elderly people

All the essential facilities for aged people will be available in the Board and Care. This includes licensed professionals to take care of elderly people, Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals.

How it operates?

Board and care facilities are mostly manned by the family members or licensed individuals.  They stay in the facility itself and take care of a small group of elderly people staying in that home. This gives a feel of living in a perfect home like atmosphere to the elderly people. Maximum six people can be accommodated in one facility.

Is it only for elders?

No, this facility is not only for elderly people. It also takes care of mentally challenged, physically challenged individuals. Child care is also one of the services offered by Board and care. But the elderly people who stays in Board and care needs to take care of their medical needs.

Assistance in what?

Elderly people who need assistance in completing their day to day life can enjoy the care in these facilities. This includes personal care, help in monitoring the medications of the elderly people and assistance in meal preparations. Help will be rendered for the aged people in taking bath, dressing and toileting as well.

Regulation and Governance

Community Care Licensing is the supervising unit of Residential Care facilities.  It is a sub agency of Department of Social services at California. Board and Care is always referred as licensed residential care.

Normal life

The aim of this service is to provide a normal life to the elderly people who cannot afford this when they live individually. People can do all the activities they can do in their home,  friends and relatives can come and pay visit to them,  people can go for small walks,  can go for shopping, can dine-out. All these will ensure that their normal life is not restricted.

Cost to avail this service

It is a cost effective way to lead a dignified life for the aged people who cannot afford it with the money what they have. Per month it would cost around $1500 – $4500 which would vary according to the service selected. $2500 is the average cost for a shared bedroom and $3500 is the average cost for the individual bedrooms. By opting for this service a peaceful and home like service can be given to the aged people.

Go for Board and Care services and enjoy a peaceful and enjoyable life with personal care in an affordable cost. All the best.

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