Buy unique diamond engagement ring settings that would make your lady love look more beautiful

Finding the right engagement ring for your lady love can be a daunting task since the job is time consuming requiring a lot of effort. However, the effort is worthy enough since the ring will continue to bear the proof of your love and commitment to your beloved. Before choosing a diamond ring, you should not only check the style and size, but also take into account the unique diamond engagement ring settings. Diamond ring settings refer to the way the diamond is set into the ring physically.

When it comes to unique diamond engagement ring settings, there are a large number of ways in which a diamond is set into the ring. Diamond ring settings assist in defining the style of a particular diamond engagement ring. Here are some of the ways in which diamonds are attached to the rings:


•             The Prong:   A number of prongs or claws were used to set diamond on traditional rings. In the traditional engagements rings, you will find the diamonds held in place by a range of prongs. The prime advantage of this type of unique diamond engagement ring settings is that it not only holds the gem tightly in place but at the same time, lets most light pass through the diamond making it dazzle. All shapes of diamond are suitable for prong diamond ring settings.



•             The Tension: In this type of setting, the diamond is basically compressed between the ends of the ring band, making the diamond appear to be dangling between the two ends. No doubt that it appears fantastic with a single solitaire. It also appears to be stunning in contemporary designs that are more elaborate than the rings with a single solitaire. The plus point of this type of diamond ring settings is that the band of the ring can be easily molded with a swirl or a twist and smaller diamonds can be added to enhance the luster of the ring.


•             The Bezel:  A bezel setting is ideal for the modern diamond rings in platinum or white gold. Whatever the shape of your ring is, the diamond in the ring is smothered with valuable metal holding it tightly in place. The prime benefit of using the bezel diamond ring settings with platinum or white gold is that they make your diamond sparkle more and make the gem look larger than it actually is. On the contrary, if a non-white metal like gold is used, the gold band will make the diamond look a bit yellowish.


•             The Pave’:  In this type of setting, small prongs are used to hold manifold small diamonds in place. This is done to acquire uninterrupted dazzle.


•             The Channel:  Similar to the pave’ setting, this type of diamond ring settings offers you the notion that the ring band is all covered with several tiny diamonds. A channel is made along the band to set in the smaller diamonds.

While choosing the setting, think about what would suit your beloved’s sense of fashion. A proper setting and an excellent design will definitely bring smile on your special lady’s face.

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