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A disorganized closet sometimes gives us the feeling that we have lost control of things. Not being able to find the clothes you are looking for in the morning can be overwhelming and if you are stressed about being late at the office, it can ruin the whole day. In general, women have so many clothes and when it comes to the space necessary for them, they complain all the time that it is too small. offers some features that must be taken into account when deciding to arrange a place just for your wardrobe.

How do you organize the inside of the wardrobe? First, it is good to know your style of dressing. Think about the types of clothes that you have: overcoats, coats, long dresses, etc. If so, you need an area that has the right height for your long clothes and suits. Then, an area for shirts is also needed; pay attention to the length and height that you give to this area. You can also have this area arranged on two different layers, vertically. In stores there are special support systems, which lower to your level and in this way you can choose your favorite blouse without being perched on ladders, chairs, etc.

Shelves are essential. The depth of the shelf must be chosen so that you will have two rows of blouses, sweaters, shirts. When it comes to width, you must consider the size of the shirts you will pack. The drawers are where you organize your underwear, socks, and undershirts. You have drawers for belts, bags, trinkets, anything you want. Usually, a large number of drawers will keep the order in the closet. The area of linen shelving is broad and it is usually placed at the top of the cabinet.

Other issues that need to be kept in mind are connected to the space for shoes. advises you to keep the shoes in boxes, if you have enough space. If you do not have space, then there are plastic systems or special boards that cling for keeping shoes. Never place your shoes in the closet with your clothes! Bulky winter clothes require a lot of space. It is really good to have a space where you can safely keep your fur coats, in which you can place lavender to protect them from moths. Also, this area should host quilts, blankets which are useless in summer.

The dressing is actually a clothing room, which frees your bedroom and allows you to have everything at your disposal. It’s kind of like the store: shelves, rods, drawers, mirror, light, space. You can indulge in having special places for shoes, hats, clothes placed in covers in order to be protected, the area for bags, suitcases for travel, the sports equipment area. It is a real indulgence of space! If you need more ideas you can get them at 568 9th Street South Naples, FL 34102 (239) 948-2669. This is the best place where you can find means of organizing your space!

As a general recommendation from the specialists at, the things should be well separated in categories; each person must have their space, in order not to interfere with the others.

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