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Would you like to use a great and 100% reliable recruiting software that would help you post job openings quickly and track applicant data online from any web browser? Have you ever heard of OneRecruit? For those of you who do not know, this is a fantastic online recruitment and applicant tracking platform that will help you out tremendously!

OneRecruit is responsible of making your life a whole lot easier! How is that possible? If you go to you will be able to find out! This remarkable and tremendously helpful recruiting software can minimize your work and assist you in creating online applications, managing data, handling documents, evaluating candidates, tracking applicants, hire people, all these things being done from any web browser!

The developers of OneRecruit are extremely professional, serious, hardworking and have a sheer desire to achieve a high level of excellence and competence. They have years of experience in recruiting candidates the traditional way. This method entails that you manually fill out spreadsheets, manage documents, save notes, résumés, store information and other documents by making use of a rather outdated and highly disorganized system. It is true to state that opening candidate résumés, updating candidate information and so on and so forth can be indeed daunting and can pose many challenges. One ought to be very concentrated at what he does, extremely attentive to post the right announcements, access important information and update applicant information. Naturally, this applicant tracking is very faulty and extremely unreliable. What is more, it is worth noting that all the e-mails had to be sent manually which meant wasting a huge amount of time.

Furthermore, if you have millions of applications and candidates, the above mentioned task becomes even more troublesome, especially if you want to track them and analyze each and every résumé. This applicant tracking system is definitely not what your company needs. This is exactly why the developers of OneRecruit, the best possible recruiting software, have struggled to create a handy tool that would benefit any small family-run business or large enterprise. In the end, the chief technology officer of OneRecruit’s parent firm took the initiative of designing a user-friendly, web-based recruitment alternative that would be not only cost-effective, but also incredibly simple to operate.

Therefore, this recruiting software is an indispensable applicant tracking tool in a company! OneRecruit is definitely responsible of making recruitment a lot easier! If you go online, to, you will be able to get more details about OneRecruit! You can find out, for instance, that this amazing recruiting software and basic applicant tracking system is in active development. If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback, then do not hesitate to leave your message online by firstly filling in a form. The developers of OneRecruit are eager to hear your opinion about the best way to transform it into a better online recruitment platform.

If you want to find out more about applicant tracking or about organizing your online recruitment campaign, feel free to visit! You will be able to read a ton of information about the best recruiting software ever!

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