Buying Home: Top 5 Key Areas to Pay Attention

To save money in the long run, 5 key area of the house should be closely examined while planning to buy a home that has been previously used by someone. Inspecting them can save a person from lot of difficult situations that may arise due to negligence.

Foundation of the house

If the foundation of the house is not checked at regular intervals, it may show trouble signs. People plant trees around the house to make it look beautiful but if trees with deep roots are planted, they may cause cracks to develop in the foundation which in turns leads to decrease in the property rates.

Before saying yes to a home, inspect it thoroughly. A person should make sure that all the windows open or close properly because if they cannot do so, it reflects that the foundation of the place is moving.

Electrical wiring

Some homeowners think that if their house is just few years old than everything is fine but this is not the case. If the electrical wiring is not done properly even owners of newly built homes can experience shocks or fire due to fault in the wiring.

Therefore to keep his family safe, a person should get the wiring of the house checked by an experienced and trustworthy electrician to make sure that there is no electrical issue.

Area called Attic

Attic is a space that is found under the roof and in large number of cases is difficult to reach. They are used as storage spaces in a majority of houses and as this area is hard to access therefore it is often neglected. Damage in attic is easily visible and cannot be covered up. Therefore water leak that may occur in the house can be easily located if the water pipes pass through the attic.

A damaged wall can be repaired and covered up before a buyer comes to see the house but a damaged attic is hard to cover up.

Plumbing system

An area of concern is the plumbing fitting. This is an area that cannot be easily spotted but its repair is expensive if not done on time. A leaking pipe is generally indicated by the presence of mold formation which can lead to different diseases.

Inspection of different sinks that are present in the house as well as checking the washrooms is important. The humidity, dampness and the lack of light in these spaces make these places a perfect breeding ground for the molds.

Area around the house

A close look at the area that lies around the home which a person is planning to buy is important. Plants should not be too close to the house as it can effects the base of the house. Foundation can develop cracks if it comes in contact with moisture regularly.

These were some of the important area that needs thorough checking; therefore hiring a house inspector is always a good idea before closing the home purchase deal. Remember these tips as they will prevent you from making the mistakes that would cost you extra expenses.

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